Thành ngữ hay gặp trong kỳ thi THPT quốc gia - Phần 2

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em những thành ngữ hay gặp trong kỳ thi THPT quốc gia.




31.Thành ngữ :SPICK AND SPAN: ngăn nắp gọn gàng
32.Thành ngữ:.EVERY NOW AND THEN: sometimes
Ex: Every nowand then, I want to be alone.
33.Thành ngữ :PART AND PARCEL: integral, crucial ( thiết yếu, quan trọng)
34.Thành ngữ : GO TO ONE’S HEAD: khiến ai kiêu ngạo
Ex: Too much success will go to her head.
35.Thành ngữ:/ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: rất hiếm (rare)
Ex: Once in a blue moon, I stop thinking about her. If only she knew how much I loved her.
36.FEW AND FAR BETWEEN : rare (hiếm gặp)
Ex: Go and tell her that you love her! That kind of girl is really few and far between
37.ON THE SPOT:(1) immediately (ngay lập tức)
Ex: I expect you to be on the post when and where trouble arises
(2): in trouble; in a difficult situation (gặp rắc rối)
Ex: I hate to be on the spot when it’s not my fault
38.ON THE VERGE OF = ON THE BRINK OF = IN THE EDGE OF: trên bờ vực (cẩn thận với giới từ “on” và “in” nhé!)
Ex: Unless we take measures to protect tigers, they will be on the verge of extinction. (lưu ý: take measures: đưa ra biện pháp)
39.IT NEVER RAINS BUT IT POURS: good or bad things do not just happen a few at a time, but in large numbers all at once (họa vô đơn chí)
Ex: First of allit was the car breaking down, then the fire in the kitchen and now Mike’saccident
40.BE ON THE WAGON: kiêng rượu
Ex: Bob’s old drinking buddies complained that he was no fun when he went on the wagon
41.LED SOMEBODY BY THE NOSE: to control someone and make them do exactly what you want them to do (nắm đầu, dắt mũi ai)
Ex:They simply didn’t know what they were doing and they were led by the nose by a manipulative government
42.AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR: vào phút chót
Ex: She always turned her term paper in at the eleventh hour.
43.SELL/GO LIKE HOT CAKES: bán đắt như tôn tươi
Ex: The book has only just been published andcopies are already selling like hot cakes in both Britain and America.
44.FIND FAULT WITH: chỉ trích, kiếm chuyện, bắt lỗi
Ex: It is very easy to find fault with the work others.
45.OFF AND ON/ ON AND OFF: không đều đặn, thỉnh thoảng
Ex: We don’t often go there- just off and on.
46.MAKE BELIEVE: giả bộ, giả vờ
Ex: I tried to make believe she was happy, but knew deep down it was not true.
47.MAKE GOOD TIME: di chuyển nhanh, đi nhanh.
Ex: We made good time and were at the hotel by lunch time.
48.LOOK DAGGERS AT SOMEONE: giận giữ nhìn ai đó
Ex: Their relationship is not free and easy but at least he is no longer looking daggers at her.
49.BE OUT OF THE QUESTION: không thể được
Ex: You cannot get married until you are 18, it’s out of the question.
50.ALL AT ONCE = suddenly: bất thình lình
Ex: All at once, there was a loud banging on the door.
51.BLOW ONE’S TRUMPET: bốc phét, khoác lác
Ex: Anyone will tell you she’s one of the best journalist we’ve got, although she’d never blow her trumpet.
52.SLEEP ON IT: suy nghĩ thêm về điều gì đó.
Ex: You don’t have to give me your decision now. Sleep on it, and let me know tomorrow.
53.FIGHT TOOTH AND CLAW/NAIL: đánh nhau dữ dội, cấu xé nhau
Ex: We fought tooth and claw to retain our share of business.
54.PLAY TRICKS/JOKES ON: chọc phá, trêu ghẹo, chơi khăm
Ex: The kids are always play jokes on their teachers.
55.DOWN THE DRAIN: đổ sông đổ biển (công sức, tiền bạc)
Ex: It’s just money down the drain.
56.SMELL A RAT: hoài nghi, linh cảm chuyện không ổn
Ex: The minute I came in, I smelled a rat.
57.THE LAST STRAW: giọt nước tràn ly
Ex: When she showed up late a third time, that was the last straw. We had to fire her.
58.GET THE HAND OF SOMETHING: nắm bắt được, sử dụng được
Ex: After three weeks of using this computer, I think I’ve finally got the hand of it.
59.HARD OF HEARING: lãng tai, nặng tai
Ex:Tom is hard of hearing. Therefore, we have to speak loudly so that he can hear us.
60.KEEP AN EYE ON: coi chừng, ngó chừng
Ex:–> Please keep an eye on my baby while I’m out for a while.


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