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Bài tập về từ chỉ định lượng - Số 6

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về từ chỉ định lượng - Số 6

91. She didn’t eat __________breakfast.

A. much                              B. many                      C. some                     D. any

92. There aren’t ______large glasses left.

A. some                              B. any                          C. much                      D. many

93. I have seen________ of Minh recently.

A.a lot of                             B. any                         C. too much               D. too many

94. Not _______Denmark is hilly.

A.a lot of                             B. any of                    C. much of                  D. many of

95. You can’t see much of a country in a week.

A. much of                          B. some of                 C. a lot of                    D. many of

96. I won’t pass the exam. I have missed many of my lessons.

A. some of                          B. much of                 C. many of                  D. a lot of

97. He got _______men friends, but he doesn’t know ________women.

A. lots of/ many                  B. much/ many           C. many / many          D. many/ much

98. I don’t travel much these days.

A. much                              B. some                       C. a lot                         D. many

99. ________strong man has disheartened before such a challenge.

A. much a                           B. Some                      C. Many a                   D. Many

100. ________time is needed to learn a language.

A. Any                                 B. Some                     C. Much                     D. A lot of

101. __________us think it’s time for an election.

A. Lots of                            B. Lot of                     C. Much                      D. Many

102. ________cheese is made from cow’s milk.

A. Most                               B. Some                      C. Much                      D. More

103. ________my friends live abroad.

A. Many                              B. Some                      C. Much                     D. Most of

104. _________us thought he was wrong.

A. Most of                           B. Some of                 C. Much of                 D. Many a

105. Thank you for bringing me along. I never thought Shakespeare could be so ______fun.

A. many                              B. much                     C. few                         D. some

106. You should say . ______and do ______

A. many / few                     B. much / little            C. few / many                         D. little / much

107. Very ______ people knew about it.

A. few                                 B. less                         C. much                      D. little

108. He is a man of ______words.

A. less                                 B. little                         C. fewer                      D. few

109. ______ heard about the book, but ______. read it.

A. Many / few                     B. Much / little            C. Many / little             D. Few / Fewer

110. "Do you know English?" "Just ______."

A. much                              B. many                     C. little                         D. less