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EXERCISE 3: Choose the letter A, B, C, or D to show the underlined part that needs correction.

  • Mrs. Emmanuelle told to Alice to give her a hand.
  •                              A           B                   C                D

  • John said the taxi driver to turn left at the first traffic lights.
  •                    A                                B                  C              D

  • Mary ordered John if he could carry her suitcase, please.
  •                        A                          B                     C            D

  • Johnson Nancy Lee asked me if would I like to have dinner with her.
  •                                             A                     B                C                  D

  • Hoa asked Lan whether did she like sports or not.
  •                    A                B              C                         D

  • Ba told to Tuan if he could ride his bicycle to school.
  •                 A                                B        C               D

  • Phong asked Peter whether he enjoys reading books or not.
  •                                             A                B          C                    D

  • Mary promised her boy friend that she would expect to see him next Wednesday.
  •                         A                                                    B                 C                        D

  • A tourist asked how far was it from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue.
  •             A                       B           C                                            D

  • He asked Lan how many people there are in her family.
  •                                        A            B           C            D

  • Minh’s friends asked him how long would he stay in Paris.
  •               A                     B                 C            D

  • She asked me if he wants to buy any second-hand books.
  •                                 A       B           C                  D

  • He wanted to know Hong if would have time to play badminton regularly.
  •                      A                      B                       C                                           D

  • My mother told me that I work very hard.
  •                               A    B              C               D

  • He said they had a lift very often but it doesn’t work.
  •              A             B                      C                    D

  • The teacher asked me if I could answer this question.
  •                               A            B              C           D

  • I asked his mother if he went to work by bus or not.
  •             A                                  B        C                      D

  • He promised me he’ll come with you as soon as he was ready.
  •                                       A                B               C                  D

  • My brother said he must to write some letters then.
  •        A                                      B                          C       D

  • Peter asked me did not to stay up late and advised me to go to bed early.
  •                   A                 B                C                                            D

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