Bài tập về câu bị động -Phần 1

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài tập về câu bị động để các em luyện tập .



I. Change the following sentences from active into passive form.

1. Somebody has taken my briefcase.

2. The teacher returned our written work to us.

3. She had finished her report by soon.

4. The mad dog bit the little boy.

5. The police have arrested five suspects.

6. The doctor ordered him to take a long rest.

7 lightening struck the house.

8. A group of students have met their friends at the rail way station.

9. They didn’t allow Tom to take these books home.

10. The teacher won’t correct exercises tomorrow.

11. Marry has operated Tom since 10 o’clock.

12. This is the second time they have written to us about this.

13. Mr. Smith has taught us French for two year.

14. They didn’t look after the children properly.

15. Nobody swept this street last week.

16. People drink a great deal of tea in England.

17. People speak English all over the world.

18. Tom was writing two poems.

19. She often takes her dog for a walk.

20. They can’t make tea with cold water.

21. The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plan.

22. Somebody has taken some of my book away.

23. They will hold the meeting before the May Day.

24. They have to repair the engine of the car.

25. The boys broke the window and took away some pictures.

26. People spend a lot of money on advertising everyday.

27. They may use this room for the classroom.

28. The teacher is going to tell a story.

29. Marry is cutting the cake with a sharp knife.

30. The children looked at the women with a red hat.

31. She used to pull my hat over my eyes.

32. For the past years, I have done all my washing by hand.

33. A pair of Robins has built a nest in the porch since last week.

34. The police haven’t found the murderer yet.

35. They sold one of her paintings at $1,000.

36. I will put your gloves back in the drawer.

37. People speak English in almost every corner of the world.

38. You mustn’t use the machine after 5.30 p.m.

39. Luckily for me, they didn’t call my name.

40. After class, one of the students always erases the chalk board.

41. You must clean the wall before you paint it.

42. They told the new pupil where to sit.

43. I knew that they had told him of the meeting.

44. Nobody has ever treated me with such kindness.

45. No one believes this story.

46. A sudden increase in water pressure may break the dam.

47. We must take good care of books borrowed from the library.

48. A man I know told me about it.

49. We can never find him at home for he is always on the move.

50. They use milk for making butter and cheese.

II.Sentences of imperative:

46. Open your book!

47. Take off your hat!

48. Bring along with a map!

49. Close the window! 

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