Hướng dẫn giải While you read Tiếng Anh 11 -Unit 2

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em phần hướng dẫn giải bài tập phần While you read thuộc Tiếng anh 11 Unit 2



Task 1. The words/ phrases in the box all appear in the passage. Use them to fill in the blanks in the sentences (Tất cả các từ/ cụm từ trong khung đều xuất hiện ở đoạn văn. Sử dụng chúng để điền vào chỗ ở trong các câu.)

making a fuss                     sneaky                      glanced                       embarrassing                  idols


1. The girl was so shy that she didn't look at him in the face. She just ______at him and looked away.

2. She complains noisily about anything she doesn’t like. She is the type of person who is always ______

3. She was in a very______situation. She felt so stupid and didn’t know what to say.

4. Teenaeers nowadays often have their own______who they really love and imitate in different ways.

5. I don't like the look of that man. There is something______about him.

Trả lời:

1. glanced              2. making a fuss            3. embarrassing           

4. idols                     5. sneaky

Task 2. Work in pairs. Put the pictures of the events (on page 22) in the order they happened in the story.(Làm việc theo cặp. Đặt những tranh của sự kiện (ở trang 22) theo đúng thứ tự chúng xuất hiện trong câu chuyện. )

Trả lời:

Picture 1 - d             Picture 2 - b             Picture 3 - f

Picture 4 - e             Picture 5 - a             Picture 6 - c

Task 3. Answer the questions.(Trả lời các câu hỏi.)

1. What did the girl wish to have when she was in grade 9?

2. Why did her father give her some money on her birthday?

3. What did she see in the boy's bag ?

4. Why did she decide to take the money from the boy's bag without saying anything about it ? 

5. What did she do with the money ?

Trả lời:

1. A red floppy cotton hat.

2. Because she could buy the hat for herself .

3. A wad of dollar notes exactly like the ones her father had given her before.

4. Because she didn't want to make a fuss.

5. She bought the pretty hat of her dreams.


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