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I. Complete the gaps with the correct forms of the passive voice, using the words in italic.

1. My phone battery must need replacing, because it  _________ twice a day.   have to, charge

2. The cook was glad he wasn't the one who ___________________.                       blame

3. If you had tried harder, your essay ___________________ by now.                     could, finish

4. The sales director complained he was no longer __________ regular reports.             send

5. After Pearl Harbor ______________ by the Japanese, the US entered the war.   bomb

6. When I was a child, yoghurt  ___________________ in jars.                                  always, sell

7. The customer was very angry because he thought he ________ twice.          cheat

8. Jerome ___________________ on business since his new boss arrived.                      not send away

9. If the rain doesn't stop the whole village ___________________.                                      may, flood

10. In order to work properly, the interactive whiteboard ________.    properly, must, set up

Mark ______/10

II. Complete the second sentence so that it corresponds to the first, using a passive verb with the subject supplied. Subjects in italics should not be mentioned in the answers.

1. Before the gang was caught they robbed many people of their savings.

→ Many people ________________________________________.

2. People will use mobile telephones more and more for shopping.

→ Mobile telephones ________________________________________ more and more.

3. Colin's pay is less than it should be.

→ Colin isn't ________________________________________ as he should be.

4. In the 1850s they imprisoned people for stealing a loaf of bread.

→ In the 1850s people _______________________________________.

5. People did not use penicillin widely used before the Second World War.

→ It was not until the Second World War ________________________________________.

6. At the time we didn't consider James the best player.

→ James ________________________________________.

7. Airports often use birds of prey to protect aircraft from other birds.

→ Birds of prey ________________________________________.

8. They are eventually going to discontinue grants for students.

→ Eventually grants for students are ___________________ .

9. The new drug needs to be given to patients in small doses only.

→ Patients need only ___________________ in small doses.

10. Someone put steroids in the athletes' food secretly.  → Steroids _______________.   

Mark _______/10


III. Complete the gaps with the correct form of the words and expressions below.

post  join  double-click  edit  enter  browse  scroll down

touchscreen  log on  prompted

How to manage your profile on Peopleconnect using an iPad:

1. Use the _______________ of your iPad to connect to the internet.

2. _______________ your username and password.

3. _______________ on to your People connect account.

4. Go to the Settings menu and _______________ to the bottom.

5. _______________on the Profile tab.

6. _______________through the extras list in the Extras column on the left.

7. You can _______________a comment and attach it to your profile.

8. If you wish to _______________a chat you can search through the ‘Your contacts’ section.

9. When _______________, update your profile status.

10. _______________your profile and save your profile settings.                                        

Mark _______/10

IV. Complete the following sentences with the missing words using the clues in brackets.

1. The cells are grown in laboratories where ____________ (tests) are carried out to investigate the speed of their development.

2. In the last few decades, ____________ (progress) in medical technologies have brought about tremendous changes in every branch of medicine.

3. As far as doctors know, the new drug has very few ____________ (unwanted consequences) and it is safe to drive under its influence.

4. Genetic ____________ (alteration) of animals has developed significantly in recent years.

5. The IVF process starts in a______ (in vitro) and the final step is embryo implantation.  


V. Choose the correct answers.

1. Have you heard about someone pirating/ hacking into Sharon's Facebook account and posting some terrible comment about her?

2. My brother was convicted/ charged of shoplifting but luckily the judge only gave him 12 months' community service.

3. Four men have pleaded/ found guilty to burglary.

4. The police acquitted/ issued a description of the suspected murderer and asked witnesses to come forward and help with the investigation.

5. The judge asked the jury to discuss the case in another room until they were able to find/ reach a unanimous verdict.                                                                                                                    

Mark ____________/5

Use of English

VI. Complete the sentences with the correct word.

1. You can s_________ in to the account by providing your name and password.

2. Feel free to e_________ any of the details. You can change anything you like.

3. Photos of our holiday were u_________ on to the website yesterday.

4. Just t_________ the icon on the screen once gently, and it should open.

5. Currently, the s_________ effects of taking this new drug aren’t known.

6. The two j_________ who escaped from prison yesterday have just been arrested by police.

7. The film industry is damaged by p_________. Too many people are downloading and watching films without paying.

8. It is difficult for a doctor to make a d_________ when he doesn’t know all of a patient’s symptoms.

9. Just c_________ your subscription if you don’t want to continue using our service.

10. If you want a close up of the picture, it’s easy to z_________ in.                          

Mark ______/10


VII. Read the text and choose the correct answers A, B, C or D.

Crime today: Jet Street gang

Street gangs, already prominent in large cities and urban areas, are rapidly becoming more popular among young people. With their membership expanding, the rate of street crime in some communities has risen dramatically in the last few years. One of the largest and most prolific criminal gangs in the world today, with an estimated membership of thousands in San Francisco, and tens of thousands in other areas of North and Central America, is the Jet Street gang. This transnational criminal organization started as a small street gang in one of the poorest areas of San Francisco and has been active since the 1980s in many regions of the United States, Mexico and Central America.

In the last decade, state police forces, the FBI and customs and immigration officers have been involved in a number of cases where they undertook raids and carried out arrests of suspects right across the regions where the gang operates. The gang’s criminal activities range from minor criminal offences, such as petty theft, joyriding, shoplifting and vandalism, to serious criminal activities such as drug trafficking, arson, robbery, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, identity document forgery, fraud, and murder.

"Every police officer and most judges recognize the name ‘Jet Street gang’", says special FBI agent Bob Hemsley. "They are one of the most prolific street gangs in the USA. They steal cars, burgle homes, and I'd say that someone is robbed by one of the gang members every day."

"It's a well-established gang and its members commit all kinds of street crimes," claims Raphael Dominguez, who oversees investigations by the Bureau of Firearms and Drug Trafficking in Central America. "They are devoted to the gang and to the letter J. We see street graffiti and tattoos with variations of the letter J all the time. Gang members also identify themselves with the letter J on their clothing."

Unfortunately, most gang members caught and arrested by police officers do not make it to court. Witnesses often pull out of trials, as they fear for their lives. This is quite understandable due to the number of threats they receive from gang members prior to the trial. As fast as arrests are made, accused gang members are released, often due to alibis provided by other gang members. And if a gang member does eventually appear in court, he is likely to be acquitted and released due to a lack of evidence.

1. The writer claims that__________.

A. crime committed on the streets is generally on the rise.

B. due to the street gang Jet Street operating on the streets, crime has risen dramatically.

C. the violence of street gangs is going up, hence crime is on the increase.

D. the crime rate in some areas is directly influenced by the rising number of street gang members.

2. According to the article, __________.

A. a vandal or a thief who steals small items is less of an offender than a fraudster or arsonist.

B. the Jet Street gang commits a large number of trafficking offences.

C. police officers have arrested a large number of 13th Street gang members recently.

D. a large number of Jet Street gang members have been arrested and imprisoned for their crimes.

3. One of the police officers quoted in the article says that the gang__________.

A. is the most important street gang in the world today.

B. is well known in the law enforcement community.

C. has committed almost all existing crimes.

D. has many members who escape from police after being arrested.

4. The article says that__________.

A. most policemen have met one of the gang members.

B. the Jet Street gang is among the most active gangs in America.

C. the letter ‘J’ is important to members of gangs.

D. the Jet Street gang members commit car theft and burglary on a daily basis.

5. According to the article, __________.

A. most gang members eventually stand trial in court.

B. gang members get threats from other gang members when they go to court.

C. there is lack of witnesses in gang member trials, as they often get threatened by other gang members.

D. gang members have a witness in court who gives them an alibi.

_______THE END________


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