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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài kiểm tra đánh giá năng lực học sinh môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11.





I. Choose the correct verb  to complete the phrases.

1. When Ellie was younger she couldn't/ wasn't able to stand onions.

2. Which of you could/ was able to guess who the criminal was?

3. Grace could/ was able to help me on several occasions.

4. Could you/ Did you manage to contact Helen last night?

5. Some dogs can/ are able to be fed on almost anything.

6. We couldn’t/ didn't manage to breathe because of the smoke.

7. You can't/ aren't able to get good potatoes any more,

8. Do you think you are able to/ can come tomorrow?

9. Jim could/ was able to play football better than any of us.

10. Are they able to/ Can they be expected to win on Saturday?                                 

Mark ______/10

II. Write relative clauses using the words in the brackets. Use which, that or no relative pronoun as appropriate.

1. The beach nearest the hotel, _________________, (be, about a mile long) was deserted.

2. The finger ______________________ (Molly, break) last month is OK now.

3. The cards ______________________    (Joe, deal, me) were a load of rubbish!

4. The coat I tried on, ______________________,    (be, not very expensive) looked really smart.

5. I discovered the shoes ____________    (be, the prettiest) were quite expensive.          

Mark ______/5

III. Complete the sentence with participle forms, using the words in brackets.

1. There is a charge for _______________ (not return) books to the library on time.

2. Passengers _______________ (cross the rails) do so at their own risk.

3. Children _______________ (leave, in the play area) must be collected before 6 o'clock.

4. The chips ________________ (serve, with the meal) were superb.

5. Drivers ________________ (park, on double lines) will be given a parking ticket.              

Mark ______/5


IV. Complete the text with appropriate words (to make compounds and collocations).

The world is currently facing many environmental issues, one of which is (1)______________ change, believed to be due largely to overproduction of (2)______________ gases. These originate from a variety of sources, such as vehicle (3)___________  ___________, other CO2 (4)______________and (5)______________ gas from landfill and industry. Other environmental issues are coal (6)______________ and burning coal, and production of toxic waste that can (7)______________the atmosphere and the oceans. Some countries with (8) ____________ power also face a problem of disposing of radioactive waste.  Placing more turbines on (9)______________ farms and using (10)______________ power from flowing water would certainly be one solution to some of these issues.                                                                                              

Mark ______/10

V. Complete each sentence with a prefixed word with the same meaning as the phrase in brackets.

1. My uncle is an  _______________. (used to be a fireman)

2. Children can ______________ when they are tired. (behave badly

3. Our family used to live in a  _______________ house before we bought the cottage. (half attached)

4. I wouldn't mind having an  _______________ job if I really loved it. (not paid enough)

5. Jenny is good at  _______________. She can do the cooking, clean and talk on the phone at the same time. (doing many tasks at the same time)                                                                        

Mark _____/5

VI. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1. Would you like a lump/ bit/ flake of cake with your coffee?

2. The damage/ harm/ injury to property caused by the hurricane was immense.

3. Scientists have repeatedly found meteoric particles/ fragments/ specks in the Sahara desert.

4. Many soldiers were harmed/ damaged/ wounded in the Second World War.

5. He bit off a large lump/ chunk/ speck of apple.                                                           

Mark _____/5

Use of English

VII. Complete the sentences with one word in each space.

1. I’m sorry, but we won’t be________ to come this evening because Pete is doing________ time at work. He has to stay in the office until nine.

2. Shale________ is found in places________ there is a lot of organic material.

3. Because of the________ of wild animals by hunters in many parts of Africa, elephant populations face________ and are in danger of disappearing altogether.

4. Jill________ herself when she fell over in the________ -storey car park. She twisted her ankle.

5. These days, space exploration is________ funded. Because of this lack of money, we haven’t been able to explore galaxies beyond our________ system and travel into deep space.      Mark _____/10


VIII. Read the following text and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

Wind energy: yes or no?

          Recent political debates and press articles have outlined the positives and negatives of onshore and offshore wind farms, comparing wind power to other low-carbon energy sources, and fossil fuels. The question is whether we should continue investing in wind energy production; rely on other renewable sources, such as solar, wave, tidal or hydroelectric power; or stick to the already overused non-renewable resources, such as natural gas, shale gas, oil and coal.

          Onshore wind energy is generated by wind turbines located on land, whilst offshore energy is produced by turbines located out at sea, or on bodies of fresh water such as lakes. Both turbine types generate electricity by using the energy of the moving air. They already play an important role in generating renewable electricity in the UK, providing over a quarter of the renewable electricity produced. The government estimates that this production reduces CO2 emissions by six million tonnes annually, which amounts to a considerable reduction in greenhouse gas production. Onshore wind turbines are also one of the most affordable renewable energy sources, costing half as much as offshore wind farms, and a quarter as much as it costs to install solar panels. Another pro is the fact that it is slightly cheaper to generate electricity using the wind than a nuclear power station, and, of course, it does not produce dangerous waste that has to be disposed of. Fossil fuel based energy sources are cheaper than wind power at the moment, but this is expected to change in years to come, with technological advances occurring constantly.

           The main criticism of wind farms is that they only produce electricity when there is sufficient wind, and at those times when the wind force is insufficient, fossil fuels have to be used as a backup. Another problem is the visual impact they have on the landscape. They are spread over large areas of land compared to other energy sources, for instance nuclear power stations, and a large number of people find them unsightly, or even noisy if they live nearby. Environmentalists also argue that the turbines have a negative impact on wildlife, particularly on various bird species, as birds are often injured when they fly into the turbines. However, the harm caused by wind turbines is minimal compared to that caused by, for example, toxic waste produced during coal mining or oil drilling.

          We need to find the right balance between creating and using more affordable electricity and protecting our environment. The best option will probably remain a combination of onshore and offshore wind power, together with other renewable energies and fossil fuel-based energies.





Onshore and offshore power production are similar in how much they cost.



According to the article, energy from fossil fuels is cheaper than that produced by wind power.



The disadvantage of wind turbines is that they do not supply energy consistently.



Environmentally-minded people have objections to wind turbines as they are harmful to animals.



The author of the article is generally against using wind power, as it has many disadvantages.


Mark _______/5

________THE END________


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