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I. Complete indirect questions so that they have the same meaning as the direct ones below.

1. Has your son finished his university studies yet?  → Can I ask if ___________________ yet?

2. Who was it who wrote the letter?                       → Would you mind telling me who it __________?

3. Why did she go to school early this morning?  → Can I ask you why ___________________?

4. What did your aunt tell you I was worried about?       → Could you tell me what _____________?

5. Who was the person I saw your son with last night?   → Do you mind if I ask you who ______?

6. Whose is the car I saw parked in front of the house?  → Might I ask ______________?

7. Did they win the FA Cup Final last year?                    → Do you know if ______________?

8. Which year was Everest first climbed?              → Do you remember which ____________?

9. Why has he given up teaching?                           → Did he say _____________________?

10. Was penicillin discovered in 1928?                  → Am I right in thinking ________? 

Mark ______/10

II. Circle the best options to complete the comparative sentences.

1. It's little/ far/ no better to spend a bit more money on quality than to end up with something useless.

2. My dad's always saying how much/ far/ more better it is to be safe than sorry.

3. Malcolm is no/ even/ little worse than his brother when it comes to arguing. He’s terrible!

4. Denise was a little/ little/ just as more than a child when her parents left England.

5. We're nowhere near/ much more/ no as well off as we used to be before the recession.

6. James is nothing like/ little/ even as satisfied with his new car as with the old one.

7. The police were just as/ no/ much nearer solving the mystery even after a long investigation.

8. Having more money than you need can be even/ almost/ a little as bad as not having enough.

9. With postage the book cost just as/ far/ even as much as it did in the shop, so I didn't save a penny!

10. At least his girlfriend is little/ a little/ nowhere near better at golf since they started playing regularly.                                                                                                                                        

Mark _________/10


III. Complete each sentence with a word or phrase in the correct form with the same meaning as the phrase in brackets.

1. Helen is very proud of her father. She really ______________ to him. (have admiration)

2. I wish you and your sister would stop your silly ______________ and just be quiet for a while! (bad-tempered disagreement)

3. I don't think we're on ______________. We don't seem to agree on anything. (sharing similar views)

4. I am a little ______________ of him . He's lied to me before. (mistrustful)

5. She ______________ her children. They are the most important thing in her life. (love very much)

6. They are real snobs! They ______________ on us because we shop at cheap supermarkets. (think they are better than)

7. Karen really __________ her maths teacher by telling him he was not doing his job properly. (offend)

8. Kieran is a bit of a problem student. The teacher is always ______________ him ______________ for something! (say angrily what someone does wrong)

9. I ______________ your courage. I don't think I would have dared tell my boss what he does wrong! (think highly of)

10. He's only ______________ her because he hopes to be promoted! (falsely praise)    

Mark _______/10

IV. Complete the sentences with appropriate compound nouns.

1. My grandmother says that _______________ begins at 75, but I think my parents are old, and they're in their early 40s.

2. You're only entitled to a  _______________ at  65 if you've been paying your contributions.

3. A  _______________ survey shows that people are fitter now than they were 50 years ago.

4. My grandfather had to go into a  _______________, because he was too forgetful to look after himself.

5. With rising _______ and falling birth rates, many governments face problems with pension schemes.

Mark ________/5

V. Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of the words in brackets.

1. They are the most ____________ couple I know. I think they'd both be better off with someone else.  (compatible)

2. Stop being so _____________. You have to disagree with everything, don't you? (argue)

3. Fiona wasn't very _____________ to my criticism.  (respond)

4. The weather has been so _____________ recently. One minute the sun is out and the next it is raining.   (predict)

5. Don't be so _____________! Surely you could hear me out.  (reason)                                 

Mark _______/5

Use of English

VI. Complete the gaps with one word.

1. In spite __________ the weather, we should go out for a walk today, __________ we?

2. Mr Owen told Rachel __________ __________ not doing her homework.

3. Like his brother Dan, Adam got an A in Maths. He’s __________ as bright as Dan and __________ better at sport. In fact, Dan’s hopeless at sport.

4. Every day, this course gets __________ and __________ interesting. I’m really enjoying it.

5. Young people who are growing __________ now will, on average, have a much longer life __________ their grandparents.                                                                                                                        

Mark _______/10


VII. Read the text. Match sentences A–F with the gaps 1–5 in the text. There is one sentence that you do not need to use.                                        

Difficult times

          Gabriel switched on his iPod, selected his favorite band on the touch pad and, as the music started to blast through the headphones, turned up the volume to maximum. His mind started wandering back to what had happened that morning. He pictured himself standing in the kitchen with his mother and was once again listening to her angry voice before she stormed out. (1) __________ After all, he was the teenager, wasn't he?

          Until quite recently, he had been close to his mother, even tolerating her nagging about unfinished homework, her complaints about messy rooms and her lectures about spending too much time playing computer games. (2) __________ She would make such a big deal about his new girlfriend, that he couldn't do anything but answer back in defense. She had turned into an unpredictable and unreasonable parent, and he had become a confused young man in his turbulent teens.

         He remembered when his little brother Elliot was born and he, himself a toddler, would help his mother with all the looking-after-the-baby tasks, such as changing his nappies and passing him toys. (3) __________ His brother never touched any stinging nettles or got stung by the bees buzzing around the flowers.

        (4) __________ By the time they were in secondary school, their mother had become busy pursuing her career. Gabriel remembered how he used to drive her crazy bickering with his brother when she was getting ready for work and was pushed for time.

Only now, in her late forties, with the first grey hairs starting to show in their mother's thick wavy hair and wrinkles starting to appear on her face, did he begin to realize that difficult times were ahead for their family. (5) __________


He would make sure that his brother didn't come to any harm in the garden.


But he knew that although they all had to take steps down their own paths, sooner or later the feeling of closeness, love and admiration for each other would come back again.


They were equally close to their mother, looking up to her throughout their childhood years, even when she had little time to entertain them.


Was it not him who was supposed to be the argumentative and moody one?


But since she started telling him off for almost everything he did, he realized that the days when he could confide in her about anything might be over.


His mother was becoming angrier every day.                                                              

Mark ____/5

_______THE END_______


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