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I. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets (to express present or future probability).

1. Do you suppose they ___________________ for us at this hour? (still, wait)

2. I can see he'll ___________________ this lecture for a long time yet. (give)

3. It's not out of the question Aubrey ___________________ a Grammy this year. (award)

4. They can't ___________________ home yet as there are no lights on in the house. (arrive)

5. Could they ___________________ their party the same day as ours? It would be a pity. (have)

6. If you leave now you __________________ to the airport in time to catch your plane. (easily, make it)

7. We ___________________ an agreement by this evening. (reach)

8. I suspect she ___________________ jeans to the theatre, as usual. (wear)

9. According to the instructions we definitely _________________ right at the next junction. (turn)

10. There's a good chance Daniel's team ______________ the league this season. (win)    

Mark ____/10

II. Complete the sentences with the correct future forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. The record's very successful – a million copies ___________________ before long. (sell)

2. Our e-shop ___________________ your order the moment the last items arrive. (send)

3. I ___________________ the antibiotics for ten days tomorrow, that's enough. (take)

4. ___________________ this film when the match starts on channel 5? (you, watch)

5. Lena can pick the children up at four o'clock when she ___________________ work. (finish)

6. I daresay Sebastian ___________________ a job by the end of the summer. (find)

7. Before long you ___________________ the same boy for over a year. (date)

8. Parliament ___________________ a vote on this question at the end of the week. (take)

9. I am getting some new trainers for my birthday. All my friends ______________ me. (envy)

10. I imagine all of us __________ eight weeks' paid holiday a year by 2030! (enjoyMark ______/10


III. Complete the text with the correct words on the topic of politics. Use the words below.

candidate        coalition          constituency       general election      hung parliament

majority          political party                 support       vote     vote

          If you are over 18 and on the Electoral Register, a polling card will be sent to your home before the date of the (1) ________   _________. Your polling card will tell you where you can (2) _________ . Once at the polling station, you will receive a ballot paper with a list of (3) ________ representing your(4) ____________, together with an indication of their (5) ________ _________. You then cast your vote, marking the party you (6) ____________ on the ballot paper, and when the voting is complete, all votes will be counted and the party with the (7) ____________ of votes may form a government. When none of the parties gets enough (8) ____________  in the election to gain an outright majority, a (9) __________________ occurs and the parties have to form a (10)  ___________.    
Mark _________/10

IV. Complete the sentences with appropriate words to form compound nouns.

1. Local police forces are strengthening security in preparation for possible civil ____________ during the elections.

2. The country is currently unstable, with several paramilitay ____________ carrying out violent attacks. Travellers are being warned to stay away.

3. It is hoped that the guerillas will give up their armed ____________ and negotiate with the goverment through diplomacy rather than violence.

4. The Israeli peace ____________ was announced on 6th of April 2011 and signed by many leading politicitans.

5. In the1960s, civil ____________ activists in the United States used non-violent protests to end the separation of different racial groups.                                                                                            

Mark _____/5

V. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words below.

Capitalist                      extreme                          liberal                        patriot                        religion

a. (1)______________ and (2) ______________ are products of roughly the same period of history: the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  

b. Someone who feels a strong support for his or her country ís (3) ______________.  

c. She was a frequent church-goer and was considered very (4)______________.

d. A so-far unknown group of (5) ______________ claimed responsibility for the bombing.   

Mark ______/5

Use of English

VI. Complete the sentences with the missing words. Use modal verbs or form compound nouns or adjectives.

1. I’m sure that Jenny_______ be interested in politics. All her family are politicians, and her grandfather was a famous left-_______ prime minister.

2. I have no doubt that, by the end of the month, the revolutionary forces_______ have won the armed _______ and taken control of the capital.

3. A majority of the general_______ support the Liberal Party. They are ahead in the opinion polls and I’m sure they_______ win the next election.

4. Penny_______ be taking part in the demonstration for civil_______. She is ill and has to stay in bed.

5. I’m not sure but I think that the police_______ have arrested two members of a paramilitary_______ who were planning to set off bombs in the city centre.                                                          

Mark ______/10


VII. Read the website on how young people can join a political party. Match the headings with the paragraphs. There is one extra heading you won't need.

Joining a political party

Do you fancy getting involved in policy-making processes in the UK? If so, why not join a political party? Here a few easy steps to becoming a party member.

1. __________

It is up to you to decide which political party to join. This, of course, depends on your beliefs about how the country should be governed and whether your political preferences are more socialist, liberal or capitalist. There are a number of political parties to choose from. If you wish to go for one of the mainstream parliamentary parties, then choose either Labor, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats.

2. __________

When selecting a party to join, bear in mind that the media are often biased and may publish information about a party or organization based on their own views and political agenda. The best way to gain an understanding of what each party stands for is to browse through their website, where you can find an overview of their political views.

3. __________

In the run-up to elections you will also receive leaflets through your letterbox and see posters and advertisements. Each political party produces a manifesto – a document outlining what they plan to do in government if they are elected. The manifesto will include their views on economic affairs, environmental issues, immigration, and also ethical issues such as freedom of speech or human rights.

4. __________

Reduced membership fees for young members are offered by some parties. For example, when you join the Labor party your membership fee will be just £10 a year if you're under 25. The Conservatives offer £14 a year membership for those under 22, and the Liberal Democrats only charge £15 if you are under 26 and in full-time education. In some cases, public donations are used to help pay these cheaper memb

5. __________

When you join, you will have access to a wide range of opportunities to take part. A Youth Officer will help represent your political views and you will be able to attend party conferences and committees. These events are great opportunities to get involved in the decision-making process. Active members also go out onto the streets and deliver leaflets, talk to members of the general public about the party's policies, talk to their local MPs about important issues, and raise funds for projects in their neighborhood.

A. Keep your student card handy – you might make a saving.

B. Go direct: don't let journalists influence your decision.

C. Establish what you political orientation is.

D. Volunteer your time and effort, and enjoy helping your party to be successful.

E. Help design the party's website prior to the general elections.

F. Familiarize yourself fully with the party's core beliefs.                                   

 Mark _______/5

______THE END______


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