Writing - Unit 4 - Tiếng anh 11 thí điểm

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1. Read a student's article about a problem facing children with cognitive impairments, and the solutions she proposes. Put the phrases (a-c) in the appropriate spaces (1-3) (Đọc bài báo của một học sinh viết về sự khó khăn đang thách thức các bạn bị suy giảm về nhận thức và những giải pháp mà bạn ấy đưa ra. Hãy xếp các cụm từ từ a-c vào ô thích hợp từ 1-3.)

* Đáp án

1. c                    2. b                        3.a

2. Read the article in 1 again and complete the following outline. (Đọc lại bài báo ở bài tập I và hoàn thành dàn ý dưới đây.)

Introduction Children with cognitive impairments often face discrimination in life. Main body

Solution 1: People should learn more about children with cognitive impairments.

Solution 2: There should be more contacts between people with cognitive impairments and non-disabled people.

Conclusion: Better understanding and better cooperation between the two groups of people will change attitudes and reduce discrimination.

3. Choose one of the following problems and write an article of 160-180 words, using the outline in 2. You can use the suggestions below. (Chọn một trong những vấn đề  dưới đây và viết một bài báo khoảng 160-180 từ, sử dụng dàn ý ở bài tập 2. Em có thể dụng những gợi ý bên dưới.)

 Bài viết gợi ý

Nowadays, while a lot of students live and study in good physical conditions, there rJ still many students with visual impairments. They are facing a lot of discrimination J life. They may feel that they are treated less fairly than normal students because of their disabilities. In regular schools, they cannot fully participate in school activities and aJ often left behind.

What can we do to help them overcome their problems? First, people should pay mudl attention to them and know what they need. They have different learning difficulties! however; that does not mean that they cannot learn. Therefore, schools should provioj them with specialised materials and tools such as Braille or large print books, talkirj computers or materials with large print. By giving them these things, we can help theJ learn better.

Second, there should be more close contacts between students with visual impairment and non-disabled ones. They should be put in a cordial atmosphere to work in groups! People should create an atmosphere of friendliness, respect and acceptance during afl activities at school. When working together with students with visual impairments, people will fully understand them and may recognise the talents hidden inside them. Tfci is the thing that all people in our society should do.

It is necessary for all people to give students with visual impairments more opportunitiei in life, and should intergrate them in our community because they are part of our socierJ Better understanding of students with visual impairments and more contacts between non-disabled people and disabled people will help students with visual impairmer overcome their difficulties and create a more possitive attitude towards them.


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