Writing - Unit 10 - Tiếng anh 12

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Task 1: Work in pairs. Suggest possible measures that should be taken to solve the following problems. (Làm việc từng đôi. Đề nghị những hiện pháp có thể thực hiện nên được áp dụng để giải quyết những vấn đề sau.)

   • People do not know much about the need to protect rare and endangered animals.

   • Projects to save endangered animals do not have sufficient fundsễ

   • The habitats for endangered animals are being seriously damaged and polluted.

   • People who live in or near endangered animals’ habitats have poor living conditions and rely mostly on wildlife products for their livelihood.

   • Some countries do not have laws to protect endangered animals.

   • People keep buying fashionable wildlife products.

   • There are not enough wildlife habitat reserves.


   People do not know much about the need to protect rare and endangered animals. We should organise different activities to raise people's awareness of the need to protect these animals.

   A. It is said projects to save endangered animals are not supplied with sufficient funds.

   B. Therefore we should organize conferences and forums to appeal to international organizations, governmental agencies, associations and individuals to contribute to the protection and preservation rare and endangered animals.

   A. Moreover we should save endangered animals’ nature habitats, which are being destroyed and seriously damaged.

   B. To do this, governments in the world should enact laws to ban hunting endangered and rare animals, cutting down trees and burning forests.

   A. In addition to this, people should pose very heavy fines to those who violate these rules. And people should establish and develop wildlife reserves.

   B. These measures do both preserve the earth's valuable biodiversity and protect endangered and rare species

   Task 2: Write a paragraph about measures to protect endangered animals, using the ideas discussed in Task 1. Begin your paragraph with. (Viết một đoạn văn về những biện pháp để bảo vệ động vật lâm nguy, dùng ý tưởng được thảo luận ở Task I. Bắt đầu đoạn văn của em với)

   “There are a number of measures that should be taken to protect endangered animals.

   There are a number of measures that should be taken to protect endangered animals. First, people should organize different activities to raise people’s awareness of the urgent needs to protect these animals. For example they hold international conferences, seminars and forums about the great importance of ecology and biodiversity. At the same time they should appeal to governmental agencies in the world to contribute to the programmes of protecting and preserving plants and animals that are driven to the verge of extinction. In addition, people should contribute to the fund of preserving the earth’s valuable natural resources for future generations. Besides these, governments should enact laws to ban activities that can damage or destroy the nature. If these measures are taken, our planet might be a peaceful and beautiful place for all kinds of beings to live in.


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