Writing - Unit 4 - Tiếng anh 12

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      In about 150 words, write a paragraph on the formal school education system in Vietnam, using the information given in Speaking Tasks on page 47. You may follow the suggestions below. (Trong 150 từ, viết một đoạn văn về hệ thống giáo dục chính quy ở Việt Nam, dùng thông tin ở Bài tập nói ở trang 47. Em có theo những lời đề nghị dưới đây.)

   - Levels of education: primary (5 years: start from the age of 6)

                                lower secondary (4 years)

                                upper secondary (3 years)

  - Compulsory- education: 9 years (primary & lower secondary)

  - The academic year: 35 weeks (9 months, from September to May)

  - School terms: 2 terms: term 1 (Sept - Dec.), term 2 (Jan. - May)

  - Time of the national examination for GCSE (early June)

   The current formal school education in Vietnam consists of three levels : pre­school. primary and secondary educations. Now there are two school systems in pre­school and primary education in big cities : stale and private schools. In state schools, parents have to pay tuition fee. The academic year, from September to May, is divided into two semesters:, from four to live months each.

   Children usually start the pre-school at the age of 3, when they go to nurseries, but this stage is not compulsory. When children reach the age of 6, they must go to primary schools. The primary education last five years. When they complete their primary education, they can go to secondary schools, including Lower and Upper schools, from Grade 6 to 12. However, children must pass a recruitment exam at the end of Grade 9, the final year of Lower schools, to enter the upper secondary education. They will stay there until they complete Grade 12. Al the end of this stage, they must take the National Examination for GCSE, the requirement to go to university or college. This examination often takes place at the end of May or early June.


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