Test Yourself F - Tiếng anh 12 - Phần 2

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Bài dịch và phần hướng dẫn học sinh làm bài tập phần Test Yourself F sách giáo khoa Tiếng anh lớp 12 - Phần 2




   Use the following phrasal verbs lo complete the sentences below. (Dùng động từ kép sau để hoàn chỉnh những câu dưới đây.)

     catch up           cool off               fall behind               give in              grow up

     keep up            speak up            stay on                      wait up            watch out

   1. He still behaves like a child. I wish he'd grow up.

   2. Come to the party on Friday and………….for the weekend.

   3. I won’t be back until late. Will you ………..for me?

   4. He was exhausted but he still kept going. He just wouldn't…….

   5. Please don’t so so fast. I just can’t……………..

   6. Could you………………a bit? I can hardly hear you.

   7. ……………….! Oh dear. Didn’t you see that car coming?

   8. You look hot and sticky. Come and sit in the shade and…........

   9. You go on ahead and I’ll…………………..

   10. Wait for me. I don’t want to…………………...

           1. grow up                                           2. slay on

           3. wait up                                            4. give in

           5. catch up                                           6. speak up

           6. watch out                                         8. cool off

           9. keep up                                           10. fall behind


  In about 120 words, write about the change in women's role in the family in comparison with 50 years ago.

   The following cues might be useful to you.

    • Education                    • Economic dependence

    • Social activities            • Number of children

    • Work                         • Domestic chores

   (Trong khoảng 120 từ, viết về  sự thay đối vai trò của phụ nữ trong gia đình so sánh với vai trò của họ cách đây 50 năm.)

   In recent years women’s role has changed dramatically in comparison with that 50 years ago. The changes are explicitly seen in many sectors .

   Firstly, in education, women nowadays are well educated, that is they can enjoy the benefits of education in every level. Women are not confined in the walls of the family with childbearing or childrearing. They participate in almost every area of public life. Many women have gained the high ranks in social or governmental sector. As a result of this women no longer depend economically on their husbands or families.

   In addition, they do not worry about the number of children thanks to new thoughts on lifestyle. At present people no more see a family of very many children, six or more. And domestic chores are not a burden for women because they are done by machine. Consequently women at present can promote themselves in social life much more easily


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