Test Yourself E - Tiếng anh 12 - Phần 2

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  In each pair of sentences below one sentence has a transitive verb and the other an intransitive verb. Mark the sentences T (transitive) or I (intransitive). The first one has been done as an example. (Ớ mỗi cặp câu dưới đây một câu có ngoại động từ và câu kia có nội động từ. Ghi những T hoặc I. Câu thứ nhất đã được làm như câu mẫu.)

   1. The postman calls at about 7 am everv morning. (I)

      They are going to call the new town Skelmerdale. (T)

   2. You are not allowed to drive a car until you are 17.

      She learned to drive when she was 18.

   3. I've never deliberately hurt anyone.

       My leg was beginning to hurt quite a lot.

   4. You look just the same. You haven't changed a bit.

       You can't change human nature.

   5. We are running a course for English teachers.

       I can't run as fast as I used to.

   6. She is studying for a law degree.

      He had studied chemistry at university.

   7. He turned to Joan and began to explain.

       He turned the handle and pushed the door open.

   8. I don't think we've met before, have we?

      Dan came to the airport to meet me.

   9. He's only young, but he's leamina fast.

      What did you learn at school today?

   10. Could you stop the bus, please? I want to get off.

        Do you think you could stop in front of the post office?

       2. T-I               3.T-I               4.I-T                5.T-I                6.I -T

       7.I-T                8.I-T               9.I- T               10.T-I


   In about 120 words, write about a book you have read recendy. The report should have the following information. (Với 120 từ, viết về cuốn sách em mới đọc gần đây, tường thuật nên có những thông tin sau.)

   • Name(s) of the author(s)

   • Year of publication

   • The title of the book

   • The length of the book

   • The main theme of the story

   • The setting of the story

  A few weeks ago, I read the novel "The Old Man and The Sea”, by Emest Hemingway published in 1946.

 The whole book ties together a story about an old fisherman trying to catch a fish and a deeper story about a man templing to prove to society that he is not useless. This novel is an example of Man’s struggle to maintain dignity on face of adversity - difficulties and risks - the image of an old fisherman, Santiago, in the immense sea.

  Throughout the story, Santiago, the main character, strusạled persistently and unyieldingly in the facc of various risks. Santiago could not give up his struggle to maintain his "man” - when sharks attacked and tore his fish bit by bit, which he got after restless days and nights in ihe open sea - it is as if they were tearing apart his dignity bit by bit.

   To Hemingway the human dignity should be so important that he is willing to die for it. If a man will not risk his life for his dignity, then what is in this life to live for? Hemingway’s book deciphers man's constant battle with maintaining the right to keep his head uphigh.

   In conclusion, this book is worth reading and it offers us a precious lesson in life: always maintain one's dignity.


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