Test Yourself C - Tiếng anh 11 - Phần 2

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III.    Pronunciation and Grammar

a. Have a look at these words and then listen to them.

1. glean        2. Fry            3. Thrive             4. overthrow

b. Join the sentences, using who or which.

1. The Earth is a planet. It can support life.

-> Earth is a planet which can support life.

2.  The book is about a girl. She runs away from home.

-> The book is about a girl who runs away from home.

3.  A dictionary is a book. It gives you the meanings of words.

-> A dictionary is a book which gives vou the meaning of words.

4. The man and the woman who live in flat 8 are from Scotland.

c. Matching

1.c                2.b                      3. a

IV. Writing

Read the cues and then write a paragraph on what they like and don't like about our Tet holidays. (Đọc những gợi ý và sau đó viết một đoạn văn về những gì họ thích và không thích về Tết của chúng ta.)

Before Tet:

clean and decorate the house buy peach flowers, kumquat trees buy things: sweets, candies,...

During Tet:

cook traditional food(s) so to pagoda or church visit relatives and friends

Typical foods:

banh chung (square sticky rice cake) fruit jams

The weather:

cold and wet                                                                                                                                                   

Tet is one of the most important traditional holiday in our country. It celebrates the Lunar New year. Actually Tet starts on the first day of the lunar year, however people always prepare well for it in advance. The house is usually cleaned and decorated with flowers, kumquat trees or peach flowers. People usually buy sweets, candies, biscuit... and prepare traditional food: "banh chung”. In Tet holiday, people visit relatives and friends. They also go to pasodas or churchs. Children are very happy in that time because they usually receive lucky money inside red envelopes. Both children and adults take part in traditional games. People usually are polite to each other because they want to have good luck on New Year's Day.

Tet holiday is the time people always expect in the year.


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