Speaking - Unit 13 - Tiếng anh 10

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                          SPEAKING - UNIT 13 - TIẾNG ANH 10

Task 1: How much do you like each kind of film? Put a tick(/) in the right column. Then compare your answers with a partner’s. (Em thích mỗi loại phim như thế nào? Viết (✓) ở cột phải. Sau đó so sánh câu trả lời của em với câu trả lời của một bạn cùng học.)
kind of film            very much           not very much             not at all 
science fiction                ✓
cartoon                                                  ✓ 
horror                                                                                ✓ 
detective                                                                            ✓ 
thriller                                                                               ✓ 
Task 2: work in groups. Find out what your friends feel about each kind of the.  Use the words in the table below. (Khám phá các bạn của em cảm nghĩ gì về mỗi loại phim. Dùng từ ở bảng bên dưới.)

A : What do you think of horror films?
B : Oh, I find them really terrifying.
C : I don’t quite agree with you. I find them interesting.
A: What do you think of action films?
D:Oh. 1 find them really good fun.
E:I agree with you. and I find them even exciting.
A : What do you think of cartoons?
F : Oh. I find them interesting.
G : Yes, I agree with you. And I think them good fun.

Task 3: Work with a partner. Find out his / her preferences for films. Use the cues below. (Làm việc với một bạn cùng học. Tim những sự ưa thích về phim của bạn ấy. Dùng từ gợi ý bên dưới.)
A : Which do you prefer, thrillers or science fiction films?
B : Well, it’s difficult to say. But I guess I prefer science fiction films to detective
A : What about love Story films and cartoons?
B : For me, cartoons are more interesting because they give us relaxing minutes after hard work.
A : Well, do you like horror films?
B : Oh , no. I think they are terrifying. I remember I had nightmares after I saw a horror films long ago.

Task 4: Work in firoups. Talk about a film you have seen. Use the suggestions below. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Nói về phim em đi xem. Dùng những ý đề nghị bên dưới.)

        Last week we went to see a film called "The Journex” at the city cinema. It was a detective comic film. It wets really good. I was really excited while I was watching it.
        Two young Americans found an old car, which was reully valuable. An organization was looking for the car , which they didn't want to be known by I he police. The young men hadn’t known about it at all. When they were driving through cities, suddenly they were shot by somebody. This stiry began from this scene. They drove with nice technic tind speedy. Because they were driving from countryside to big cities, we could see a lot of various beautiful views; for example we could see vast fields, and in cities they showed us their skilful driving between skyscrapers, and played a hoax on the chasers. At last, after a long journey, these young wen took the car to the local authories.
         It is a comic film, therefore it can relux our mind by Hiving us a lot of laughters.


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