Speaking - Unit 4 - Tiếng anh 10

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Bài dịch và phần hướng dẫn học sinh làm bài tập phần Speaking Unit 4 sách giáo khoa tiếng anh 10.



Task 1: The questions in the interview below has been left out. Work with a partner and fill in the blanks with the right questions.

(Những câu hỏi ở bài phỏng vấn dưới đây bị bỏ sót. Làm việc với một bạn cùng học và điền các chỗ với câu hỏi đúng.)

1.  What were your subjects then?

2.  What was your timetable?

3.  What about homework?

4.  Which lower-secondary school did you go to?

5.  What part of the school life didn't you like then?

6.  Can you tell me about the tests and examinations at your school then?

7.  What did you like best about your school then?

Interviewer: (A)________________________ ?

Hanh: I went to Long Bien Lower-secondary School in Gia Lam, Hanoi.

Interviewer(B)________________________ ?

Hanh: My subjects were Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Literature. Biology, History, Geography, English, Information Technology and Physical Education.

Interviewer(C)________________________ ?

Hanh: Well. I went to school in the morning and I often had five classes.

Interviewer(D)________________________ ?

Hanh: Well, we had different kinds of tests, you know. Oral tests, fifteen-minute tests, forty-five-minute tests and the final examination at the end of the semester.

Interviewer: (E) ________________________  ?

Hanh: It's different with every teacher. Some liked to give a lot of homework and others didn't.

Interviewer: (F) ________________________  ?

Hanh: To be honest, I liked my school a lot but if I could change one thing, it would be the breaks between the classes. They were too short.

Interviewer: (G)_________________________  ?

Hanh: I liked everything in my school, you know. Well, of course, not the breaks as I've said. I liked my teachers, my friends and the different activities at school then.

Trả lời:

A. 4 : Which Lower-secondary school did you go to ?

B. 1 : What were your subjects then?

C . 2 : What was your time-table?

D. 6: Can you tell me about the tests and examinations at your school then?

E . 3 : What about homework?

F . 5 : What part of the school life didn’t you like then?

G . 7 : Whai did you like best about your school then?

Task 2: Interview your partner, using the questions in Task 1.

(Phỏng vấn một bạn cùng học, dùng các câu hỏi ở Bài tập 1.)

Trả lời:

You : Which Lower-secondary school did you go to Hao?

Hao : I went to Quang Trung Lower secondary school.

You : What were your subjects then?

Hao : A lot. I had to study lots of things: Maths. History. Geography, Physics. Chemistry. Biology. Civic Education, Physical Education, Literature, English. Agriculural technology. Industrial technology. ...etc.

You : What was your lime-table?

Hao : I had four or five classes every school day, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

You : Can you tell me about your tests or examinations then?

Hao : I had various kinds of tests: fifteen-minute tesls, one-period tests and final tests at the end of each term. Besides, I had oral arid listening tests.

You : What about homework?

Hao :Homework? A lot. Nearly every teacher cave us homework after each class.

You : Oh! Really? What part of the school life didn't you like?

Hao . I think some subjects aren't necessary for small schoolchildren at all, for example agricultural or industrial technology. They only take much time and money of people and children, because I myself till now don’t know anything about plaining rice, growing callle... at all. And Physical education is taught in hot afternoons. Why?

You : What did you like best about your school then?

Hao : It was the friendship among schoolfellows.

Task 3: Tell the whole class what you know ahout your partner.

(Kể cho cả lớp về những gì em biết về bạn cùng học của em.)

      My partner is Hao. He attended Quang Trung Lower-secondary school. He had to learn so many things even unnecessary subjects as he told. He had four or five class-periods every school dat and a lot of homework. About tests and examinations, he had different kinds of them. He said he didn’t like some activities at school, especially unnecessary subjects, which only wasted time and money. School children didn’t benefit anything from these subjects. But one thing he valued was the friendship among his schoolfellows.



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