Looking back - Unit 7 - Tiếng anh 12 thí điểm

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 Listen and mark the stressed syllables. (Lắng nghe và đánh dấu các âm tiết nhấn mạnh. )

In 1884, GMT was adapted internationally as standard time zone.

  • The USA is one of the largest and most power countries in the world.
  • The A.I. robots will help humans to develop more powerful memory in the future.
  • UFO is the acronym for Unidentified Flyir Object.
  • I sent the package right away because I read acronym ASAP on its cover.
  • Thanks to the GPS I could discover where missing car was.
  • Let's get together next Sunday at 7 in the evening
  • Hướng dẫn:

  • In '1 '8'8'4, 'G'M'T was a'dapted internationally as a 'standard 'time 'zone.
  • The 'U'S'A is 'one of the 'largest and 'most 'powerful 'countries in the 'world.
  • The 'A.'l. 'robots will 'help 'humans to de'velop a 'more 'powerful 'memory in the 'future.
  • 'U'F'O is the 'acronym for Uni'dentified 'Flying 'Object.
  • I 'sent the 'package 'right 'away because I 'read the 'acronym 'A'S'A'P on its 'cover.
  • 'Thanks to the 'G'P'S I could dis'cover 'where my 'missing 'car was.
  • 'Let's 'get to'gether 'next 'Sunday at '7 in the 'evening.
  • Vocabulary

    Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words from the box.

    life-threatening                 reduce exterminate

    futurist    operating      leading    malfunction

  • After the power cuts last night, the machine started to_____________.
  • A lot of _________________ think that A.I. robots will be harmful to humans.
  • This _____________ disease caused a lot of complications during the treatment procedure.
  • Do you really think that humans will be _____________when the machines rise against them in the future?
  • It costs a lot of money to upgrade the_____________ system and the workers'skills in this car plant.
  • In order to _____________  the cost of production, the manufacturers have used robots for repetitive work.
  • He is one of the_____________ A.I. scientists in the world.
  • Hướng dẫn:

    1. malfunction                                2 futurists

    3. life-threatening                              4. exterminated

    5.operating               6 reduce    7. leading


    1    Circle the correct answers.

    1.    Instead of buying a new computer, why don't you have your old one ?

    A. to fix                               B. fixing

    C.  fixed                              D. fixes

    2.    The owners of modern manufacturing plants had workers doing heavy and repetitive tasks           by robots.

    A. to replace                      B. replacing

    C. replaced                        D. being replaced

    3.    NASA has had an autonomous spaceship the universe recently.

    A. to explore                      B. explored

    C. exploring                       D. explore

    4.    We had the computer technician the new software for us.

    A. to install                        B. intalling

    C. installed                        D. install

    5.    My mother always has the dishwashing machine ____the washing-up after meals.

    A. do                                   B. doing

    C. did                                  D. to do

    6.    The newspaper editor-in-chief had a newswoman ______ about the latest domestic robots.

    to write                B. writing

    C. wrote              D. write

    7.    The teacher had his students__________________ their

    laptops to surf the Net for resources in his class.

    A. using                              B. to use

    C use                                   D. used

    Đáp án:

    1.C    2. C    3.B    4.D    5. A    6. D   7.C

    2      Complete the sentences, using the active passive causatives. Follow the example. (Hoàn thành các câu, sử dụng bị động chủ động. Thực hiện theo các ví dụ.)

    have + somebody + bare infinitive

    have + something + past participle

    get + something + past participle

    Gợi ý trả lời:

  • I'll have a friend cut it./l'll have my hair cut./l'll get my hair cut.
  • I'll have a worker paint it./l'll have it painted./l'll get it painted.
  • Why don't you have the computer technician repair it?/Why don't you have it repaired?/Why don't you get it repaired?
  • Yesterday I had my brother fix it./l had it fixed yesterday./l got it fixed yesterday.
  • I'll have a repairman update it./l'll have it updated./l'll get it updated.
  • I'll have a porter bring my suitcase to the taxi./l'll have my suitcase brought to the taxi by the porter. / I'll get my suitcase brought to the taxi by the porter.


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