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Looking back - Unit 1 - Tiếng anh 12 thí điểm

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 753 

DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em bài dịch và hướng dẫn làm bài tập phần Looking back Unit 1 Tiếng anh 12 thí điểm.




1   Tick the word that does not have the same sound as the other two.

  • □ brake     □ break     □ brick
  • □ dare       □ dear      □ deer
  • □wait         □ wet        □ weight
  • □ son         □ sun        □ soon
  • □ greet      □ great     □ grate
  • □ bay         □ by          □ buy
  • Hướng dẫn:

    Đánh dấu vào những từ mà không phát âm tương tự như hai phần còn lại.

    1. brick

    2. dare

    3. wet

    4. soon

    5. greet

    6. bay

    2  Listen and write the correct homophones to complete the sentences.

    1. We need more____________ for the campfire. _____ you be able to bring some?

    2. I get really_________ with playing the same ______ games everyday.

    3. The__________________ forecast is for more rain, so I'm not sure______________ we can go hiking tomorrow.

    4. There was a big_________________ in her sock, so the ______ of her big toe was sticking out.

    Hướng dẫn:

    Nghe và viết các từ đồng âm đúng để hoàn thành câu.

    1. wood, Would

    2. bored, board

    3. weather, whether

    4. hole, whole


    1   Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words or phrase in the box.

    achievement      historical figure     distinguished     reputation    respectable    dedication

    1. Naming streets after____________________________ is a common practice around the world.

    2. After winning the MasterChef competition, Christine Ha gained a(n) ______________________ as a first-class cook.

    3. You'll look more ____________________ if you wear a nice suit and a tie.

    4. No one can deny his hard work and ________ to the club.

    5. After a series of successes, she won a lifetime ______ award for music.

    6. Nguyen Trai had a(n) _______   career as a skilled strategist and prominent scholar.

    Hướng dẫn:

    Hoàn thành câu với các hình thức đúng của các từ hoặc cụm từ trong hộp.

    1.  historical figure

    2. reputation   

    3.  respectable 

    4. dedication

    5. achievement 

    6. distinguished


    1      Read the following story about Tran Quoc Toan. Put the verbs in brackets in the past simple or the past continuous.

    Marquis Hoai Van Tran Quoc Toan (1. be) born in  1267. In 1279, Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire (2. begin)______________ his attempt to take over Dai Viet and Champa. Facing threat fro the north, in October 1282, Dai Viet's Emperor (3. gather) _________ all members of the royal family and officials in the royal court to discu ways to defend the country. The 15-year-old Tran Quoc Toan (4. be)___________ not invited to the assembly because he was too young. He (5. become)  _____ very upset. As (6. shout) angrily outside the royal court, the emperor (7. come) out and (8. give)...  him an orange.

    He also (9. order)................ the young marquis to go home. While the emperor and the officials (10. discuss)    the war strategies, Tran Quoc Toan (11. still, wait) outside the hall. He (12. get)_________________ so upset and stimulated that he (13. crush) the orange with his own hand. Later he (14.begin)           forming his  own  army  and (15. manage) ____________________ to recruit over one thousand soldiers. While his troops (16. fight)______________ against the Mongol army, he (17. always, dash) ________________ to the front to drive the enemies back. His death was unknown, but today Tran Quoc Toan is considered one of the finest examples of Vietnamese patriotism, especially for the young generation.

    Hướng dẫn:

    Đọc câu chuyện sau đây về Trần Quốc Toản. Đặt động từ trong ngoặc ở thì quá khứ đơn hoặc quá khứ tiếp diễn.

    1. was  

    2. began

    3. gathered

    4. was

    5. became

    6. was shouting

    7. came

    8. gave

    9. ordered

    10. were discussing 

    11. was still waiting 

    12. got 

    13. crushed

    14. began 

    15. managed 

    16. were fighting

    17. was always dashing

    2    These sentences are incorrect. Correct them, adding articles where necessary.

    1. We had great time in USA last summer.

    2. John decided to join army and become soldier so that he could fight for country.

    3. Do English drink tea or coffee at breakfast?

    4. We returned from two-week holiday in Philippines and Indonesia.

    5. When you go to Paris, don't forget to visit Louvre and take boat trip along Seine.

    6. You'll need warm hat, newcoatand pairof woollen gloves for your trip to Europe this season.

    7. My mother said she would go to bank on Fir Street to withdraw some money, and then she would drop by supermarket near theatre on way home.

    8. In rush hour in Ha Noi, it's more convenient to travel by motorbike than to take taxi.

    Hướng dẫn:

    Những câu sau không đúng. Sửa, thêm mạo từ khi cần thiết.

    1. a (great time), the (USA)

    2. the (army), a (soldier), the (country)

    3. the (English)

    4. a (two-week holiday), the (Philippines)

    5. the (Louvre), a (boat trip), the (Seine)

    6. a (warm hat), a (new coat), a (pair of woollen gloves)

    7. the (bank), the (supermarket), the (theatre), the (way)

    8. the (rush hour), a (taxi)



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