Listening - Unit 10 - Tiếng anh 11 thí điểm

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1. Discuss with your partner. (Thảo luận với bạn bên cạnh.)

*Học sinh làm theo yêu cầu.

2. Look at the pictures. Listen to John Keith, a fitness instructor, talking about four types of physical activity. Number the pictures as you listen. (Nhìn tranh và lắng nghe John Keith, một huấn luyện viên sức khỏe đang nói về bốn loại hình thể dục. Đánh số các bức tranh khi em nghe.)

a. fitness walking              b. aerobic exercise

c. yoga                              d. swimming

*  Đáp án

a. 4                      b. 1                  c. 3       d. 2

3. Listen again. Which safety rules are mentioned to each type of physical activity? Tick the correct boxes. (Nghe lại và nói xem nguyên tắc an toàn nào cho mỗi loại hình thể dục đang được đề cập đến.)

* Đáp án








1. You should consider the weather conditions.





2. Drink plenty of water.




3. A warm-up before the activity is necessary.





4. You should check if the water is too cold.





5. Stretching and relaxing your muscles will help prevent joint damage.





6. You need comfortable shoes.






7. Looking at your feet will slow you down and cause back pain.







4. Work in four groups. Each group chooses a different activity from 3. Discuss the following: (Làm việc theo 4 nhóm. Mỗi nhóm chọn một hoạt động khác nhau từ bài tập 3 rồi thảo luận những vấn đề sau:)

a. Lợi ích về sức khỏe

b. Cách tập luyện an toàn được đề cập trong bài nói chuyện: Bạn đồng ý hay không đồng ý với họ.

c. Bố sung thêm những cảnh báo an toàn mọi người có thể áp dụng.

Học sinh làm theo yêu cầu.

*      Lời trong băng

My name's John Keith and I've been a fitness instructor for more than ten years. Today I'd like to talk about the precautions we all need to take when doing different types of physical activity.

Aerobic exercise seems very simple and easy to do. However, studies have shown that if you do your workout outdoors in the hot and sunny weather, your body can overheat and lose a lot of fluid. This can lead to heat stroke. You should drink a glass of water before a workout and then pase regularly to drink more. You should also exercise early in the morning when it's not too hot.

Next is swimming. It's verv important to be safe in the water. Swimming pools may look safe, but you should always test the pool water before jumping in. Cold water can make your blood pressure and heart rate go up. Make sure you have warmed up your body by stretching or jumping. Don't swim in bad weather, especially in rivers, lakes or the sea. If you are swimming and lightning strikes, vou risk serious injury or death.

Now, how about yoga? This exercise may look easy and suitable for people of all ages. However, if it's not done properly, it can do more harm than good. You need to do some warm-up exercise such as stretching before you start your yoga practice. This will relax your muscles and prevent any damage to your joints.

The last type of physical activity is fitness walking. First, you need good shoes to keep you comfortable and pain-free. Next, when you walk, don't look at your feet. This will slow you down and cause back pain. Finally, remember to bring water with you and drink at least 150 ml for every 15 minutes of walking.

That's all from me for today. Hope you find these safety precautions useful. Thanks for listening.


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