Listening - Unit 5 - Tiếng anh 11

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In an informal survey carried out in Perth, western of Australia, students were asked to give their views on what makes an effective school. 80 per cent of the students felt that mutual respect in the classroom was essential learning to take place. This implied that students should be treated as individuals with both their strengths and their weaknesses. 60 per cent of the students felt they should be encouraged to set realistic goals for their learning, and to have positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

About 55 per cent of the students expected their teachers to be motivated and interested in what they were doing: this would then reflect in their performance of the students. Nearly all the students believed that learning should be centered on important life skills such as communication, building self-respect and self- confidence, the ability to learn from failure, and time management, suited to the maturity of the students concerned.

One hundred per cent of the students felt that the social side of school was as important as academic activities. The older students felt that they should be allowed to give some input school decision making a direct effect on students.

Task 1. Listen and choose the best option to complete the following sentences.

(Lắng nghe và chọn lựa đáp án tốt nhất để hoàn thành câu sau.)

1. The students were asked to………….what makes an effective school.

A. express their attitudes towards

B. deliver speeches on

C. exchange their ideas about

D. give their opinions on

2. Most of the students thought they should be encouraged to……….for their own learning.

A. develop new styles

B. set realistic goals

C. develop their strategies

D. consult their teachers

3. About ………….of the students expected their teachers to be

motivated and interested in what they were doing.

A. 80 per cent

B. 55 per cent

C. 60 per cent

D. 100 per cent

4. Nearly all the students believed that learning should focus on…………

A. the importance of life

B. the importance of skills

c. important life skills

D. important communication skills

Trả lời:

1. D                 2 B                          3. B                        4. B

Task 2. Listen again and answer the questions.

(Lắng nghe một lần nữa và trả lời các câu hỏi.)

1. Where did the survey take place?

2. What percentage of the students felt mutual respect was essential for effective learning to take place?

3. What did the older students feel?

Trả lời:

1. It took place in Perth.

2. 80 percent of the students.

3. They felt that they should be allowed to give some input into school decision making.


Discuss the question: Which do you think is more essential for better learning - good teachers or good textbooks?

(Thảo luận câu hỏi: Bạn nghĩ cái nào là điều kiện cho việc học tốt hơn: giáo viên giỏi hay sách giáo khoa tốt?)

Trả lời:

Textbooks are essential teaching and learning materials in any programme and syllabus. Having good textbooks is very important. Good textbooks provide students with adequate knowledge, skills and practice. Good textbooks also guide students how to learn and help them study effectively on their own

However, having good teachers may be more important than having good textbooks because a good teacher can turn a poor quality textbook into an interesting one. In fact, a good teacher can even replace the textbook, motivate students to learn, and train them to use self-studying skills. Besides that, the teachers must take responsibilities for the students’ learning.


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