Listening - Unit 6 - Tiếng anh 12

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❖  Before You Listen

 Below are the most popular jobs in the US. Work in pairs and answer the question : Which is the most popular job in Vietnam? (Dưới đây là những việc làm phổ biến nhất ở Mĩ. Làm việc từng đôi và trả lời câu hỏi: Việc làm nào phổ biến nhất ở Việt Nam?)

   accountant                                                           nurse

   lawyer                                                                teacher

   computer programmer

  • What job do you think is the most popular in Vietnam?
  • As I see, it’s computer programming because this job is in great need for the development. We are in the IT age.
  • OK. And what’s the next?
  • Jobs in the economic area, specially manufacturing jobs.
  • Listen and repeat

    ❖ While You Listen

       Task 1: Listen to the passage and fill in the missing words in the boxes. (Nghe đoạn văn và điền những từ thiếu trong các khung.)

            1. manufacturing                      2. Service                        3. Transportation

            4. Finance                                5. service

       ❖ Tapescript

       - Next, let’s look at some of the recent changes in the US job market and see if we can make some predictions for future jobs.

       A good way to begin is to look at the American workforce and how it is changing. The most important change has been the shift from manufacturing jobs to service jobs.

       Manufacturing jobs are jobs in which people make something or produce things. For example, people produce cars. Service jobs are those in which workers provide service, or we may say, thery do something like washing people’s cars. Generally, service jobs are grouped into five categories:

       One: Transportation companies.

       Two: Wholesale companies Three: Retail companies.

       Four: Finance companies

       Five : Personal servive, such as hotels, car repair, accounting education and medicine.

       Now the point here is that people have changed from manufacturing jobs to service jobs. For example, one hundred years ago, 80% of workers produced goods, today only 30% do. Economists predict that by the 2020, nine out of every ten workers will supply service.

       Task 2: Listen again and decide whether the sentences are true (T) or false (F). (Nghe lại và quyết định những câu nói đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

      1. American workers have changed from manufacturing jobs to service jobs.

       2. Manufacturing jobs are jobs in which workers make something.

       3. Personal services are one of the five service jobs.

       4. 70% of workers produced goods one hundred years ago.

       5. 80% of workers will work in the service sector by the year 2020

                  1. T           2.T          3.T          4. F         5.F

       After You Listen

       Work in groups. Summarize the passage using the information in Tasks 1 and 2.(Làm việc từng nhóm. Tóm tắt bài nghe, dùng thông tin ở Bài tập 1 và 2.)

       A. From the listening passage, I see American workforce has changed from manufacturing jobs to service jobs.

       B. In manufacturing jobs, people make something or produce things, and in service jobs people only provide service.

       C. Service jobs are grouped into 5 categories: transportation, wholesale, finance and personal services.

       D. The percentage of people in service jobs mounts to more than 70%.

       A. By the year 2020, nine out of every ten workers will work in service jobs.


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