Hướng dẫn giải Language Focus Tiếng Anh 12 -Unit 1

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Exercise 1. Underline the most suitable tense form in each sentence.

  • Did you see / Have you seen my bas anywhere? I can’t find it.
  • Hello Peter, are you back from the match? Did you enjoy/Have you enjoyed it?
  • This is the photo of my great grandfather. He was/has been married six times.
  • Have you given/Did you give Helen my message when you have seen/saw her?
  • Sony, could you say that again? I didn't listen/haven't listened to you.
  • Did you two meet/Have you two met before? Laura, this is Peter.
  • Did you meet/Have you met anyone interesting at the party?
  • Trả lời

  • Have you seen                2. Have ... enjoyed                   3. was            4. Did you give - saw
  •       5.didn't listen                     6.Have you two met                 7.Did you meet

    Exercise 2. Decide which answer (A, B or C) best fits each space.

    Dear Linda,                                          

    I am sorry I(1)_____________ to for so long, but I (2)_________________ very busy lately. All late month I (3) __________ exams . and I (4) _______________anything else but study for ages,  Anyway, I (5)_______________ studying  now and I (6)_____________ for my exam results.

    As you can see from this letter, I (7)___________ my address and (8)__________ in Corydon now. I (9)___________ that I wanted a change form central London because it (10)____________  so expensive. A friend (11)____________ me about this flat, and I (12)__________ here about two months ago.

    When you (13)_______ to England this summer, please visit me. I(14)_________________ here until the middle of August. Then  I (15) _____________ on holiday to Scotland.

    Please write soon.




    A. don’t write

    B. haven’t written

    c. am not writing


    A. was being

    B. am

    c. have been


    A. had

    B. was having

    c. have had


    A. haven’t done

    B. don’t do

    c. wasn’t doing


    A. stop

    B. have stopped

    c. was stopping


    A. wait

    B. am waiting

    c. have waited


    A. am changing

    B. have changed

    c. will change


    A. will live

    B. have lived

    c. live


    A. decided

    B. have decided

    c. decide

    (10)           A. will become

    Bế becomes

    c. has become

    (11)           A. tells

    B. told

    c. was telling

    (12)           A. have moved

    B. was moving

    c. moved

    (13)           A. will come

    B. came

    c. come

    (14)           A. am staying

    B. stayed

    c. stay

    (15)           A. have gone

    B. am going

    c. will have gone


    Trả lời

    1.B     2.C        3. A           4. A         5.A          6. B            7. B                              

    8.C    9. B       10. C         11. B        12. C       13. C         14. A          15. B



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