Language - Unit 4 - Tiếng anh 12 thí điểm

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1   Match the words/phrases in the box with the definitions. (Khớp các từ / cụm từ trong hộp với các định nghĩa.)

a  the mass media

b  addicted

c  efficient

d  social networking

e  cyber bullying

f   instant messaging

  • unable to stop doing something because you like it very much
  • the use of websites and applications to connect with people who share similar interests
  • the main means of communication reaching people on a large scale, such as television, radio, movies, newspapers, etc.
  • a type of real-time online chat
  • doing something well with no waste of time, money, or energy
  • the use of electronic communication to hurt, threaten or embarrass someone
  • Đáp án:

    a. 3   b. 1    c. 5    d. 2   e. 6   f. 4

    2   Complete the sentences with the words/phrases in 1. (Hoàn thành câu với các từ / cụm từ trong 1.)

  • Most people rely heavily on ___________ as their main source of information.
  • Millions of teenagers around the world are to ___________ computer and video games.
  • Teenagers can become addicted to ___________ if they can't control the time they spend online.
  • Online advertising is more __________ than TV ads because of the huge number of Internet users.
  • Young people like______________ because of its speed, convenience and privacy.
  • Many Internet users delete their social accounts because of ___________
  • Đáp án:

    1. the mass media    2. addicted

    3. social networking       4. efficient

    5. instant messaging      6. cyberbullying


    Revision: The pronunciation of the verb ending -ed

    1. Listen and repeat. Pay attention to the ending -ed of the verbs. (Lắng nghe và lặp lại. Hãy chú ý đến kết thúc -ed của động từ.)













    2 .Listen and repeat the sentences. Notice the verbs ending -ed. (Nghe và lặp lại các câu. Chú ý các động từ kết thúc bằng -ed)

    The library reduced the number of print newspapers and magazines that they used to subscribe to.

  • The graph compares the amount of informati received over a ten-year period.
  • Have you downloaded the files related to our s media project, which I emailed you yesterday?
  • Paper was invented before the printing machine
  • New electronic devices have been developed cater to users' ever-changing needs.
  • Social networking has influenced young people's way of life.
  • Grammar

    Prepositions after certain verbs

    1 Match each verb with an appropriate prepoposition (Khớp mỗi động từ với một giới từ thích hợp)

    Đáp án:

    search for: tìm kiếm 

    listen to: nghe

    think of: nghĩ về

    carry out: tiến hành, carry on: tiếp tục

    rely on: lệ thuộc vào, phụ thuộc vào

    2 Make sentences with the verbs in 1. (Đặt câu với động từ trong 1.)

    The past perfect vs. the past simple

    1   Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tenses. Make changes if necessary. (Đặt động từ trong ngoặc ở các thì đúng. Thực hiện thay đổi nếu cần thiết.)

  • Alexander Graham Bell (invent) the telephone when Thomas Edison (complete) his second model of the phonograph in 1887.
  • National Geographic, one of the most influential magazines, (appear)_______________ in 1899, which (help)_____________ to increase readers' cultural awareness and understanding through high-quality photo essays.
  • The lung cancer mortality rate (rise) six-fold in males when mass media (start) covering the health risks of smoking.
  • Linda only (understand)___________ the film after she (read)  the book.
  • A:______ you ever (appear)_____ on TV before you (take part)_____  in this reality show?
    B: Yes, I (have)________ .
  • I can't believe I (get) ______ the position of a TV announcer. I (submit) ___  my application two months ago, but I did not think I had a chance getting it. When I (show)_____  up at the interview, there were at least fifteen people who (arrive) _____ before me.
  • All job applicants (finish, already) their interviews and (leave)_______ when I (arrive) _____ 

    Đáp án:

    1.   had invented, completed

    2.   appeared, helped

    3.   had risen, started

    4.   understood, had read

    5.   Had (ever)... appeared, took part, had

    6.   got, submitted, showed, had arrived

    7.   had already finished, left, arrived

    2  Complete the following sentences, using either the past simple or past perfect, and your own ideas. (Hoàn thành các câu sau đây, sử dụng thì quá khứ đơn hoặc quá khứ hoàn thành, và những ý tưởng của riêng bạn.)

    Gợi ý đáp án:

  • ... had used the library's computer to get access to the Internet.
  • ... rang his doorbell.
  • ... started sending me their greetings/ had already posted their greetings for my birthday.
  • ... they began drawing their charts.
  • ... the teacher changed the topic.
  • ... he wrote a brief description of the data.


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