Grammar - Unit 11 - Tiếng anh 12

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Exercise 1: Rewrite the sentences in the passive. (Viết li các câ th b động.)

   1. You mustn't use this machine after 5.30 p.m.

   2.. You must clean this machine every time you use it.

   3. You should keep the flower in a warm sunny place.

   4. You should pay your bill before you leave the hotel

   5. You should give us the information now.

   6. You can buy toothpaste at the drug store.

   7. We should warn the children not to speak to strangers.

   8. Nobody can solve the mystery.

   9. You can exchange travellers' cheques at most banks.

   10.   You shouldn't tell her the news. It might kill her.


   1. This machine mustn’t be used after 5.30 pm.

   2. This machine must be cleaned every time it is used.

   3. The flowers should be kept in a warm sunny place.

   4. Your bill should be paid before you leave the hotel.

   5. The information should be given to us now.

   6. Toothpaste can be bought at the drugstore.

   7. Children should be warned not to speak to strangers.

   8. The mystery can't be solved.

   9. Travellers’ cheques may he exchanged at most banks.

   10. The news shouldn't be told to her. She might be killed by it.

   Exercise 2: Complete the conversation with the suitable passive form of the verbs in brackets. (Đin bàđối thoi vi dng thích hp cđộng t trong ngoc.)

Naomi: Dr. Kay. I’d like to ask how meals (1. will/prepare)……… the Space Station ………food (2. be going to/cook)………..on board or taken in the form of tablets?

   Dr. Kay: Neither. Gourmet meals (3. will/pre-package)         …………….on Earth then they (4. can/warm up)…………………on board.

   Naomi: But the tourists will be from different parts of the world. How…………….food (5. should/choose) ………… suit everyone’s taste?

   Dr. Kay:An international menu (6. have to/offer)………………Food (7. could/select) ………..from food preference forms that tourists completed before the trip. And meals (8. ought to/make)…………….as pleasant as possible.

           1. will be prepared                             2. is food going to be cookeđ

           3. will be pre-packaged                       4. can be warmed

           4. should food be chosen                     6. has to be offered

           7. could be selected                           8. ought to be made


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