Culture - Unit 4 - Tiếng anh 12 thí điểm

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Culture - Unit 4 - Tiếng anh 12 thí điểm

Social media apps

1.Read the following text and give short answers to the questions. (Đọc văn bản sau đây và đưa ra câu trả lời ngắn cho các câu hỏi.)

The advancement of technology has enabled the Internet users to access various social networking apps. Most of these apps are designed to help people to keep in contact with their friends and share information. They are easy to download, install and update. Free apps have only basic services, but the paid ones have more advanced options.

Most social networking sites and apps offer users communication, entertainment and security. You can chat with and send messages to your friends and followers using live messenger and mail functions.

You can listen to music or watch videos on video-sharing apps, which also allow you to create your own video clips and share them with friends and family. For people who like playing games, there is a wide selection of

game apps in all genres for all ages. The most popular ones are action and adventure games followed by puzzles and board games.

Mobile security apps are designed to protect and secure smartphone and tablet devices, in cases of theft or loss of data. Additional features include virus detection and removal, and scanning websites for phishing scams.

Most apps are fun and people use them all the time - to chat with friends, play games, get directions, check the weather forecast, read news and books, and a lot more. However, before you decide whether to download an app, you need to go through its functions very carefully and read the user reviews.

  • What are social networking apps for?
  • Why do people pay for social networking apps?
  • What is a video-sharing app?
  • What are the most popular game apps?
  • Name some functions of mobile security apps.
  • What should you do before downloading an app?
  • Hướng dẫn:

  • They are for communication, entertainment and security on the Internet.
  • Because they want to have more advanced options than basic services.
  • A video-sharing app is an application for creating videos and sharing them with family and friends.
  • They are action and adventure games followed by puzzles and board games.
  • Besides protecting smartphones and tablet devices from theft and loss of data, these security apps detect and remove viruses as well as phishing scams.
  • We should go through its functions very carefully and read the user reviews.
  • 2 Work in groups. Discuss some popular social networking apps and their functions.

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