Communication - Unit 10 - Tiếng anh 11 thí điểm

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1. Listen to Phong’s talk about meditation. Complete the notes below. (Hãy nghe bài nói chuyện của Phong về thiền hành. Hoàn thành bảng bên dưới.)

*Đáp án

1. Five (5)

a. Location: at a quiet place

b.Time: at night or early morning.

c. Duration: 15minutes / a day

d. Techniques: Listen to the silence around you and breathe slowly and deeply.

2. Benefits of meditations:

a. Relievig stress

b. Reason: ... you let your mind relax.

c. Staying healthy and living longer

d. Reason: ... may weaken your immune system.

2. Discuss the questions with a partner. (Tháo luận những câu hỏi dưới đây với bạn bên cạnh.)

* Gợi ý trả lời

Some ways to relieve stress and feel relaxed:

- watching an entertainint: movie or TV programme

- reading a book

- being in the company of friends

- lying on the beach

- spending the weekend in the countryside

Lời trong băng

In this technological era, we can enjoy a better lifestyle, but we often work under pressure and feel stressed. Luckily. I've found a way to take my mind away from daily worries by one simple way: meditation.

I've pratised meditaion for five years, and I can say its benefits are obvious. Most importantly, meditation helps to relieve stress. While you meditate, you stop thinking about your work or everyday worries. Yoga experts advise that you should find a quiet place and meditate at night or earlv morning - when you are not disturbed by anything. Then vou can just listen to the silence around you and breathe slowly and deeply. If you let your mind relax that way. you would feel completely at ease. Secondly, when you meditate, your heart rate slows down and your body stops producing stress hormones and other chemicals that may weaken your immune system. This helps you to stay healthy and live longer.

Practising meditation does not require too much of your money or time. Just spend 15 minutes a day meditating and you will have your own peace of mind.


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