Communication - Unit 7 - Tiếng anh 11 thí điểm

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Higher education in Vietnam (Giáo dục đại học tại Việt Nam)

1. Work in groups of three. Label the diagram of Vietnam’s education system after primary school, using the words in the box. (Làm bài tập theo nhóm ba học sinh. Điền vào ô trống trong sơ đồ giản lược về hệ thống giáo dục Việt Nam sau bậc tiểu học. Sử  dụng các từ cho sẵn trong khung.)

* Đáp án

1. a                          2. d                    3. c                     4. b              5. e

2. Listen to an overview on Viet Nam's higher education. Decide if the folltwim statements are true (T) or false (F). Tick the correct boxes. (Hãy nghe một bài giới thiệu khái quát về giáo dục đại học tại Việt Nam. Quyết định những câu dưới đây đúng (T) hay sai (F). Đánh dấu vào các ô đúng.)

Lời trong băng

Education plays an important role in Vietnamese culture and society Most parents ii Viet Nam want their children to go to university or college, which will open doors to a brighter future.

In recent years, Viet Nam has focused on developing its education system, especialh higher education and vocational schools.

According to the current education system, higher education is defined as learnim beyond secondary level.

In order to be eligible for higher education, students must have certificates of secondar school graduation and may be required to take the entrance examination with various sets of subjects depending on different majors.

At colleges, programmes often last three years. After graduating, students receivc associate's degrees and may continue their studies for one or two years to get bachelors degrees. After completing these courses, students may pursue programmes for master : and doctoral degrees.

Overseas education has become increasingly popular as young people believe that the-- will have more oportunities for developing their talents and better employment prospects Students usually finance their studies abroad through scholarships or personal savines.

* Đáp án

1. F                     2. F                     3. T                      4. F                      5. F

3. Discuss in groups. Give your opinion about higher education and suggest what should be done to help students to pursue academic or professional degrees. (Thảo luận theo nhóm. Hãy cho biết ý kiến cùa em về giáo dục đại học và đề xuất các cách giúp học sinh theo đuổi con đường học vấn hoặc bằng cấp chuyên ngành.)

Gợi ý

I think we should go to university for the following reasons:

- University graduates can get better jobs and earn more money.

- University will give you the oportunity to expand your potential by giving vou more tools for success

- University will give you the oportunity to interact with people that can challenge your thingking, people of diverse background and cultures.

How to help students to pursue a higher education degree?

- Helping them realize the benefits and prospects of higher education

- Providing them with comprehensive information on hiaher education (for example, information in detail about college/university quality, education costs...). When students have better information, they make better choices about their education.

- Offering education loans to those students who are in financial need and want to pursue a professional degree.


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