Cấu trúc đảo ngữ trong Tiếng Anh

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DAYTOT gửi tới các em bài viết về những cấu trúc đảo ngữ trong Tiếng Anh.



1. Đảo ngữ với NO và NOT

No + N + auxiliary + S + Verb(inf)

Not any + N + auxiliary + S + verb(inf)

Eg: No money shall I lend you from now on = Not any money shall I lend you from now on.

2. Đảo ngữ với các trạng từ phủ định: Never, Rarely, Seldom, Little, Hardly ever,.....

Never/ Rarely/ Seldom /Little/ Hardly ever + auxiliary + S + V

Eg: Never in mid-summer does it snow.

Hardly ever does he speak in the public.

 3. Đảo ngữ với ONLY

only later

only in this way

only in that way

only then + auxiliary + S + V

only after + N

only by V_ing/ N

only when + clause

only with + N

only if + clause

only in adv of time/ place

Eg: Only after all guest had gone home could we relax.

Only when I understand her did I like her.

Only by practising English every day can you speak it fluently.  

4. Đảo ngữ với các cụm từ có No

At no time

On no condition

On no account + auxiliary + S + N

Under/ in no circumstances

For no searson

In no way

No longer

Eg: For no reason whall you play truant.

The money is not tobe paid under any circumstances = Under no circumsstances is the money tobe paid.

On no condition shall we accept their proposal.

5. No sooner.... than....

Hardly/ Bearly/ Scarely.... When/ before

Eg: No sooner had I arrived home than the telephone rang.

Hardly had she put up her umbrella before the rain becam down in torrents.

6. Đảo ngữ với Not only .... but.... also ....

Not only + auxiliary + S + V but.... also....

Eg: Not only is he good at E but he also draw very well.

Not only does he sing well but he also plays musical instruments perfectly.

7. Đảo ngữ với SO và SUCH

So + adj/ adv + auxiliary + S + V + that clause

Eg: So dark is it that I can't write.

So busy am I that I don't have time to look after myself.

So difficult was the exam that few student pass it.

So attractive is she that many boys run after her.

8. So + adjective + be + N + clause

Eg: So intelligent is that she can answer all questions in the interview.        

Câu đảo ngữ có chứa “Such” mang cấu trúc như sau:
Such + to be + Danh từ +…

Eg:Such is the moment that all greats traverse.
Such is the stuff of dreams

9. Đảo ngữ với until/ till + clause/ adv of time + auxiliary +  S +  V

Eg: I won't come home till 10 o'clock = Not until/ till o'clock that I will come home = It is not until 10 o'clock that I will come home.

I didn't know that I had lost my key till I got home = Not until/ till I got home did I know that I had lost my key.

10. Đảo ngữ với No where + auxiliary + S + V

Eg: No where in the VN is the scenery as beautiful as that in my country.

11. Đảo ngữ với câu điều kiện

a. Câu điều kiện loại 1: If clause = should + S + V

Should she come late she wil miss the train

should he lend me some money I will buy that house

b. Câu điều kiện loại 2: If clause = Were S + to V/ Were + S

If I were you I would work harder = Were I you...

If I knew her I would invite her to the party = Were I to know her...

c. Câu đk loại 3: If clause = Had + S + V3/ed

If my parents hadn't encouraged me, I would have taken pass exam. = Had my parents not encouraged me, I would have taken pass exam.


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