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Bài tập về Ving, To V và Vnt - Số 7

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 784 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về Ving, To V và V bare - Số 7


21. Last night we saw a meteor                        through the sky.

a. streaked                  b. to streak                  c. streak             have streak

22. The skiers would rather                          through the mountains than go by bus.

a. to travel on train      b. traveled by train      c. travel by train          d. traveling by train

23. If we leave now for our trip, we can drive half the distance before we stop                      lunch.

a. having                     b. to have                    c. having had              d. for having

24. I always hear you ______ with your sister. What’s wrong between you?

a. argue                       b. to argue                   c. argued                     d. argues

25. Try _______ so many mistakes.

a. not to make b. not make                 c. to make not d. make not

26.You had better _______ home and have a rest.

a. going                       b. goes                        c. to go                        d. go

27. I hope__________to university next year.

a. to go                        b. go                            c. going                       d. went

28. I expected ________to the party, but I was not.

a. to invite                    b. inviting                     c. to be invited             d. being invited

29. The manager insisted …………….me a position in the company.

A. for offering              B. on offering               C. in offer                   D. on offer

30. The flight attendant reminded the man that smoking…there.

A. was not allowed      B. is not allowed        C. not to allow               D. not allow

31. The little boy begged the lady …………..some soup.

A. give                         B. gives                       C. giving                       D. to give

32. They invited me ........... the weekend with them.

A. spends                    B. spend                      C. to spend                   D. spending

33.  He reminded me .......... the letter.

A. post                          B. to post                     C. posting                     D. to posting

34. I warned Jim .............. playing with the snakes.

A. for                           B. in                               C. of                             D. against

35. Mary apologized for ................. him earlier.

A. not phoning           B. not phone                  C. not to phone            D. not to phoning

36. She advised him..................harder.

A. to study                   B. to studying                C. study                       D. studying

37. My mother asked me ..............the window.

A. open                        B. opening                     C. to opening               D. to open

38. Susan insisted on ............ Mary to the beach.

A. drive                         B. driving                         C. to drive                   D. to driving

39. Huong congratulated me on .............. the entrance exam.

A. to pass                    B. to passing                 C. passing                     D. passed

40. Mr Smith thanked Linda............. inviting him to the party.

A. for                            B. of                                C. on                          D. to


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