Bài tập về Ving, To V và V bare - Số 1

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 408 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về Ving, To V và V bare



  • Does this work involve much (travel)                    ?

  • He begged (not/tell)                      his mother.

  • He does not permit anybody (smoke)                    in his house.

  • He does not resent (be)                 laughed at!

  • He has attempted (pass)                  his exam, but unfortunately he fail it.

  • He should instruct you (do)                 this work. It is his responsibility.

  • He strives (be)                    one of the best!

  • Here you will find all necessary information that will enable you (do)                  this kind of work. If         you still have any questions, don’t hesitate (ask)                 me.

  • I adore (stay)                  on my own.

  • I am longing (see)                  you.

  • I appreciate your (stay)                    with me.

  • I cannot admit (do)                   this as it is not my fault.

  • I cannot delay (sign)                   the contract.

  • I cannot postpone (do)                    this work as it does not depend on me.

  • I cannot resist (eat)                 cakes.

  • I cannot urge them (work)                   more quickly as I cannot persuade them (do)              what they do not need (do)                      .

  • I claim (enable)                me (do)                     this according to our agreement.

  • I consider it (be)                   the most foolish thing you have ever done.

  • I detest (quarrel)                   with people.

  • I do not feel like (do)                   it at once.

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