Bài tập về từ chỉ định lượng - Số 7

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 226 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về từ chỉ định lượng - Số 7


111. She has very ______ knowledge of the matter.

A. few                                 B. little                        C. some                     D. many

112. The forces were unequal, they were______we were ______

A. many / few                     B. much / little             C. few / much                         D. little / much

113. We have imported ______ computers this year than last year.

A. few                     B. less                         C. fewer                      D. many

114. There has been ______demand for computers this year than last year.

A. few                     B. little                         C. fewer                      D. more

115. ______in Shanghai than in any other city in China.

A. More people live                                                B. More people living

C. It has more people                                 D. More living people

116. I've been to the theater ______ of times.

A. much                  B. a little                      C. most of                   D. few

117. But ______ of the plays I've seen are modern.

A. a few of              B. a little                      C. most                       D. many

118. When I studied Shakespeare, I thought his plays were ______ boring.

A. a great deal of    B. few                         C. much                     D. many

119. ______of Shakespeare's plays are about history.

A. A few of                         B. Many                      C. Much                     D. A little

120. They spent ______ time studying Victorian literature.

A. few                     B. many                     C. a large number of   D. much

121. ______popular expressions in our language have interesting background.

A. Little                    B. Many                     C. A large number     D. Much

122. At the beginning everybody spoke English very quickly and I couldn't understand ______ But

after ______ days, it is easier and ______ things I had learnt came back to me.

A. much / a few / many                              B. a lot / little / a lot

C. much / much / a great number              D. many / a few / many

123. Would you like__________milk? Yes, please.

A. few                     B. any                          C. some                      D. much

124. ________ them were at the meeting last night so they didn’t have knowledge about marketing

A. neither of            B. any of                     C. many                      D. a lot of

125. ________my friends live abroad.

A. Neither of           B. Any of                     C. Many                      D. Most of

126. How ________money have you got in your pocket ?

A. a lot of                B. any                          C. many                      D. much

127.I could speak ________words of Swedish, but I wasn’t very fluent.

A. a few                  B.a little                      C. few                                     D. little

128. Can you speak French? Just ________

A. a few                  B. little                         C. few                                     D. a little

129. Very ________people were flying because of terrorist activities then.

A. few                     B. a little                      C. a few                      D. little

130. He spent ________ of his time on his holidays.

A. much                  B. many                      C. a lot of                    D. little


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