Bài tập về từ chỉ định lượng - Số 2

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 182 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về từ chỉ định lượng - Số 2


21. Both men ________interested in this job in the interview yesterday.

A. are                                  B. was                         C.were                        D. is

22. There are four books on the table .________has a different colour.

A. Every                             B. Each                       C.Many                      D. Some

23. He has two bookstores. One is in Thac Mo. _________is in Phuoc Binh

A. other                               B. the others                C.another                   D. the other

24. ________restaurant is expensive.

A. some                              B. either                       C.neither                    D. any

25. Did you take _______ photographs when you were on holiday.

A. some                              B. either                       C.much                       D. many

26. The news has _________information.

A. much                              B. many                     C.some                      D. any

27. We ‘ll hurry We haven’t got ________time left.

A. some                              B. many                      C. much                      D. any

28. I don’t have ________friends in Ha Noi

A. some                              B. any                          C. much                     D. no

29. We didn’t buy ________flowers yesterday.

A. some                              B. many                      C. much                      D. any

30. There ___________ at the door.

A. is somebody                   B. is anybody             C. is everybody           D. isn’t nobody

31. She went out without_________money.

A. any                                 B. many                      C. much                     D. some

32. There are _________in the hall.

A. somebody                      B. anybody                 C. everybody              D. some people

33. I’m not hungry. I don’t want _________to eat.

A. everything                      B. anything                  C. something              D. nothing

34. She didn’t take _________money with her.

A. any                                 B. many                      C. some                     D. no

35. Has __________body seen my bags?

A. somebody                      B. any person              C. anybody                 D. some people

36. Can I have _________sugar please.

A. any                                 B. some                       C. much                     D. little

37. Let me know if you need ______help.

A. any                                 B. many                      C. some                      D. much

38. Some one has forgotten ________umbrella.

A. them                               B. their                         C. they                       D. theirs

39. The house were empty. There is _________living here.

A. someone                        B. anybody                 C. nobody                   D. everybody

40. I don’t have ________relatives in these strange place.

A. any                                 B. some                      C. a little                      D. much


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