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Bài tập từ vựng - Số 20

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 1331 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về từ vựng - Số 20

  • Reviewers often        books as “hard to put down” or “hard to pick up again”.

  • describe                        B. illustrate                              C. classify                               D. choose

  • Have you got any books on business methods or any similar        ?

  • subject                          B. content                               C. author                                 D. matter

  • How are the books in this library       ?

  • divided                         B. named                                 C. gathered                             D. classified

  • Robert’s new book will be        in August.

  • typed                            B. published                            C. broadcast                            D. announced

  • I’m reading a Stephen King’s novel. It’s really exciting and I couldn’t        .

  • get it off                       B. put it down                         C. take it on                            D. look it up

  • Children tend to read        books that tell stories through pictures.

  • novel                            B. fiction                                 C. science                                D. comic

  • What kind of readers would you        this book?

  • advise                           B. introduce                            C. recommend                         D. persuade

  • Watching videos is becoming a popular form of        .

  • entertain                       B. entertainment                     C. entertainer                          D. entertaining

  • After talking to Mary for ten minutes, George paused, waiting for her to       the information.

  • taste                              B. chew                                   C. swallow                              D. digest

  • Mr. Johnson was so busy that he only had enough time to        the report before he attended the meeting.

  • dip into                         B. review                                 C. go over                               D. pick up

  • The book        me of the days I was in the army.

  • remembers                    B. reminds                               C. recalls                                 D. recollects


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  • Most novels are divided into several      .

  • chapters                        B. units                                    C. sections                               D. passages

  • Cambridge University Press is the         of the book you are reading.

  • author                           B. editor                                  C. printer                                 D. publisher

  • Ernest Hemingway is one of my        American writers.

  • best                               B. favourite                             C. ideal                                    D. most popular

  • I’d like to        that book when you’ve read it.

  • borrow                          B. hire                                     C. lend                                    D. loan

  • The plot of the novel was exciting, but I didn’t find the       very interesting.

  • characters                     B. figures                                C. people                                 D. persons

  • The dictionary is too expensive for me. I can’t         it.

  • spend                            B. cost                                     C. afford                                 D. pay

  •        books tell stories from the author’s imagination.

  • Fiction                          B. Picture                                C. Coloured                            D. Long

  • If you can’t find what you are looking for in the book, use the       .

  • index                            B. list                                       C. preface                                D. directory

  • He’s a        boy. He knows everything from books never gives any logical and practical solutions.

  • bookworm                    B. bookish                               C. bookbinder                         D. book-keeper

  • Runners from eight different countries will be competing in the next       .

  • race                               B. place                                   C. record                                 D. course

  • It is common knowledge that sportmen        themselves in good form by regular swimming.

  • put                                B. make                                   C. take                                     D. keep

  • Synchronized swimming is a sport in which groups of swimmers          in patterns in the water to music.

  • go                                 B. move                                   C. dive                                    D. jump

  • Wind – surfing is a common term for two similar         sports: sail-surfing and sail- boarding.

  • water                            B. wind                                   C. sail                                      D. board

  • Volleyball, basketball, football are         games.

  • team                             B. group                                  C. crowd                                 D. class

  • Rowing is the sport or activity of travelling in a boat by using        .

  • air tanks                        B. sails                                     C. boards                                 D. oars

  • Unlike football, a water polo game is         into quarters.

  • divided                         B. separated                            C. cut                                      D. played

  • In 1918, Smith        the record for the world’s longest flight by flying 2,350 miles from Cairo to Calcutta.

  • smashed                       B. split                                     C. cracked                               D. broke

  • One of the four period of time in which a game of American football is divided is known as a       .

  • part                               B. half                                     C. quarter                                D. stage

  • The        is the official who controls the game in some sports.

  • player                           B. captain                                C. referee                                D. defender

  • In water polo, holding balls with two hands and punching ball are       .

  • errors                            B. fouls                                   C. faults                                  D. mistakes

  • A kick taken as a penalty in the game of football is called a penalty kick or         kick.

  • punishment                   B. foul                                     C. opposition                           D. spot

  • Any players who commit 5 personal fouls will be        .

  • rejected                        B. ejected                                C. sacked                                D. dismissed

  • In water polo the ball can be        by passing with one hand.

  • advanced                      B. forwarded                          C. thrown                                D. kicked

  • No player except the        can hold the ball with two hands.

  • goalie                            B. referee                                C. defensive player                 D. striker

  • Katherine Curtis developed the        for the competition of synchronized swimming.

  • regulations                    B. formula                               C. laws                                    D. principles

  • The whole audience objected to their foul play during the football match.

  • clumsy                          B. dependent                          C. imperfect                            D. unfair

  • The match ended in a       .

  • foul                               B. tie                                       C. range                                   D. penalty

  • William won first         in the tennis competition.

  • medal                           B. prize                                    C. reward                                D. position

  • If you        the goalie, there are seven players in a team.

  • gather  B. conclude     C. collect         D. include

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