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Bài tập từ vựng - Số 19

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 603 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về từ vựng - Số 19

  • Birds aren’t all the same. There are many different            .

  • categories                     B. species                                C. animals                               D. plants

  • The rhinoceros will become         if people continue to hurt them.

  • extinct                          B. instinct                                C. distinct                               D. extinction

  • Thousands of species of animals and plants are           and the number decreases each year.

  • danger                          B. dangerous                           C. endanger                             D. endangered

  • If one species becomes extinct, the whole chain will be         seriously.

  • disappeared                  B. killed                                  C. damaged                             D. threatened

  • We depend on species diversity to provide food, clean air and water.

  • popularity                     B. existence                             C. development                       D. variety

  • More than a billion people all over the world are under the threat of desert         .

  • increase                        B. expansion                           C. extension                            D. development

  • Biologists have introduced a global list of endangered and vulnerable animal species.

  • rare and specious          B. small but invaluable            C. weak and easily hurt          D. strong and unusual

  • Government have passed laws to protect wildlife from commercial trade.

  • enabled                         B. enforced                             C. enacted                               D. ensured

  • The government is now trying to protect gorilla to ensure their          .

  • life                                B. existence                             C.survival                                D. growth

  • Everyone is worried about the        of the rainforests.

  • destruction                   B. protection                           C. species                                D. extinction



  • Without        all the resources necessary for life would be damaged, wasted or destroyed.

  • conversation                 B. biodiversity                        C. extinction                           D. destruction

  • Many people are interested in watching        .

  • wildlife                         B. wilds                                   C. wilderness                          D. wildly

  • This species has nearly died out because its         is being destroyed.

  • environment                 B. habitat                                C. land                                    D. forest

  • The primary causes of species extinction are habitat destruction, commercial          and pollution.

  • exploit                          B. exploiting                           C. exploitation                        D. exploitative

  • Toxic chemicals in the air and land have also driven many species to the          of extinction.

  • border                           B. limit                                    C. verge                                   D. edge

  • It is        to cross the sea in a small boat.

  • danger                          B. endanger                             C. dangerous                           D. endangered

  • Do you think plants and animals, however small or oversized, all contribute to the          ?

  • conversation                 B. extinction                           C. destruction                         D. biodiversity

  • Many African and Asian nations have set aside land called         to protect the habitats of elephants and other wild animals.

  • reserves                        B. species                                C. wildlife                               D. forest

  • Over 120        of birds have been recorded in this national park.

  • species                          B. diversity                             C. animals                               D. individuals

  • The mountain gorilla is on the verge of        .

  • extinct                          B. extraction                           C. extinguish                           D. extinction

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