Bài tập từ vựng - Số 16

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 470 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về từ vựng - Số 16

  • In the future, the number of tiny but               computers you encounter every day will number in the thousands, perhaps millions.



  • power                           B. powerful                             C. powerfully                          D. powered

  • Advances in computing                , from processing speed to network capacity and the internet, have revolutionized the way scientists work.

  • technology                   B. technological                      C. technologically                   D. technologist

  • What will the relationship between computing and                 bring us over the next 15 years?

  • science                          B. scientific                             C. scientifically                       D. scientist

  • Someone who is                thinks that bad things are going to happen.

  • optimistic                     B. pessimistic                          C. threatened                          D. hopeful

  •  Domestic chores will no longer be a burden thanks to the inventions of laborsaving devices.

  • Official                         B. Household                          C. Schooling                           D. Foreign

  • The idea of building a                with human intelligence is not only ambitious but also highly unconventional.

  • robot                             B. corporation                         C. line                                      D. road

  • Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and dish washers are labor                   devices which help us do housework easily and quickly.

  • improving                     B. making                                C. saving                                 D. employing

  • Those companies were closed due to some seriously financial problems.

  • taken off                      B. put away                             C. wiped out                           D. gone over

  • The computer allows us to work fast and               .

  • efficiently                     B. differently                          C. variously                             D. freshly

  • Many people think that in some more years we will see the complete                  of newspapers and magazines due to the Internet.

  • disappear                      B. disappearance                     C. appear                                 D. appearing

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