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Bài tập câu bị động

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 668 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về câu bị động.

  • We can’t go along here because the road........................

  • is repairing                    B. is repaired              C. is being repaired          D. repairs

  • The story I’ve just read...................Agatha Christie

  • was written             B. was written by          C. was written from         D. wrote by 3. I’m going to go out and.................................................

  • A. have cut my hair           B. have my hair cut                 C. cut my hair                         D. my hair be cut

  • Something funny class yesterday

  • happened                      B. was happened           C. happens             D. is happened

  • Many US Detroit, Michigan

  • manufacture                             B. have manufactured            

  • C. are manufactured               D. are manufacturing

  • 6. A lot of pesticide residue can.........................................unwashed produce

  • A. find                              B. found                                  C. be finding                           D. be found

  • a loud noise during the night

  • woke up          B. are up   C.were woken up                   D. were waking up

  • Some film stars...................difficult to work with

  • are said be                B. are said to be                 C. say to be              D. said to be

  • Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? – I don’t

  • be laughed                B. to be laughed                C. laughing          D. being laughed

  • Today, many serious childhood early immunization

  • are preventing              B. can prevent              C. prevent         D. can be prevented

  • Do you get your heating..........................every year?

  • checking                B. check                     C. be checked                         D. checked 12. the driveway

  • A. must not leave              B. must not be leaving            C. must not be left           D. must not have left

  • Beethoven’s Fifth weekend

  • is going to be performed                                              B. has been performed

  • D. will be performing                                                        D. will have perform 14. All bottles......................................before transportation

    A. frozen                           B. were froze                          C. were frozen                        D. are froze 15. ...............................................yet?

    A. Have the letters been typed                                         B. Have been the letters typed

    C. Have the letters typed                                                  D. Had the letters typed

  • English has become a second language in countries like India, Nigeria or Singapore where.................for administration, broadcasting and education

  • is used                          B. it is used                  C. used                               D. being

  • The Alexander Graham Bell

  • is invented                    B. is inventing                         C. invented                             D. was invented

  • Lots of the earthquake

  • are destroying              B. destroyed                           C. were destroyed                   D. is destroyed

  • California in the 19th century

  • was discovered            B. has been discovered           C. was discover                       D. they discover 20. The the time the guest............................

  • A. had been finished- arrived                                           B. have finished- arrived

    C. had finished-were arriving                                           D. have been finished- were arrived

    21 The boy           by the teacher yesterday.

  • punish                          B. punished                             C. punishing                           D. was punished

  • “Ms Jones, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already              , sir. They’re on your desk.”

  • typed                            B. been being typed                C. being typed                        D. been typed

  • Sarah is wearing a blouse. It                        of cotton.

  • be made                        B. are made                            C. is made                                D. made

  • They had a boy                that yesterday.

  • done                             B. to do                                   C. did                                      D. do

  • We got our mail               yesterday.

  • been delivered              B. delivered                            C. delivering                           D. to deliver

  • James……..the news as soon as possible.

  • should tell                    B. should be told                     C. should told                          D. should be telled

  • My wedding ring              yellow and white gold.

  • is made                         B. is making                            C. made                                 D. make

  • Mr. Wilson is                 as Willie to his friend.

  • known                          B. knew                                   C. is known                            D. know

  • References            in the examination room.

  • not are used                  B. is not used                          C. didn’t used                         D. are not used

  • Laura              in Boston.

  • are born                        B. were born                           C. was born                            D. born

  • His car needs                 .

  • be fixed                         B. fixing                                  C. to be fixing                         D. fixed

  • Her watch needs               .

  • repairing                       B. to be repaired                     C. repaired                              D. A and B

  • My mother is going             this house.

  • sold                              B. sell                                      C. to be sold                            D. to sell

  • There’s somebody behind us. I think we are                .

  • being followed             B. are followed                       C. follow                                D. following

  • Have you            by a dog?

  • bite                               B. bit                                       C.  ever been bitten                 D. ever been bit

  • The room is being             at the moment.

  • was cleaned                  B. cleaned                               C. cleaning                              D. clean

  • It            that the strike will end soon.

  • is expected                   B. expected                             C. are expected                      D. was expected

  • It is            that many people are homeless after the floods.

  • was reported                B. reports                                C. reported                              D. reporting

  • He was said            this building.

  • designing                      B. to have designed                C. to design                             D. designed

  • Ted              by a bee while he was sitting in the garden.

  • got sting                       B. got stung                            C. get stung                             D. gets stung

  • These tennis courts don’t            very often. Not many people want to play.

  • got used                       B. used                                    C. get used                             D. get use

  • I’ll get Minh            do this for you.

  • do                                 B. done                                   C. did                                      D. to do

  • Those letters                  now. You can do the typing later.

  • need typing                  B. needn't be typed                 C. need to type                       D. needn't typing

  • “What a beautiful dress you are wearing”- “thanks, it            especially for me by a French tailor.”

  • is made                         B. has made                            C. made                               D. was made

  • Somebody cleans the room every day.

  • The room everyday is cleaned.                                    B. The room is every day cleaned.

  • C. The room is cleaned every day.                                    D. The room is cleaned by somebody every day.

  • People don’t use this road very often.

  • This road is not used very often.                                 B. Not very often this road is not used.

  • C. This road very often is not used.                                  D. This road not very often is used.

  • How do people learn languages?

  • How are languages learned?                                        B. How are languages learned by people?

  • C. How languages are learned?                                        D. Languages are learned how?

  • Over 1500 new houses                each year. Last year, 1720 new houses                .

  • were built/ were built                                                   B. are built/ were built

  • C. are building / were built                                               D. were built/ were being built

  • Tom bought that book yesterday.

  • That book was bought by Tom yesterday.                   B. That book was bought yesterday by Tom.

  • C. That book yesterday was bought by Tom                    D. That book was bought yesterday.

  • The new computer system             next month.

  • is be installed                                                               B. is being installed

  • C. is been installed                                                             D. is being installed by people


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