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Bài tập về Ving, To V và Vnt - Số 2

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 543 

DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về Ving, To V và Vnt - Số 2.


16.I remember _________ my mother said the grass in the garden needed  _________ (hear/ cut)

17.Peter sometimes help his sister ___________ (do homework )

18.I would rather _________ at home than _________ out with you (stay/ go)

19.I would rather you ________ (drive)

20.My father wanted me __________a pilot (become)

21.Please wait me a minute.My boss is busy ________ something. (write)

22.My teacher doesn’t allow us ________ while he is explaining  the lesson. (talk)

23.We have plenty of time . We needn’t _________ (hurry )

24.I promised ________ on time.I mustn’t ___________ late (be / be)

25.Mary and I are looking forward  ____________ you ( see )

26.I’m sure that he knows ________ this new machine (use)

27.Psychiatrists and doctors have failed ___________ people not to drink . (tell)

28.The students are used to __________ in the school  library (work)

29.Our rooms needs ___________ up (tidy).

30.Mercury’s low gravity  makes you ________ very light in a spaceship. (feel)

31. “Was the test long ?” . “ Yes, John was the only one _______ it  .” (finish )p

32.A lot of needs ___________ to the house before anyone can move in.

33.It is about time  you ___________  harder for the next exam. (work)

34.If he doesn’t feel like  _________ now, I suggested that he should go out for some fresh air. (work)

35.Passing the kitchen , he stopped  ___________ a large glass of water (drink)




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