Bài tập câu điều kiện - Số 7

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DAYTOT gửi tới các em phần bài tập về câu điều kiện - Số 7.


Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.

  • _____have enough apples, she’ll make an apple pie this afternoon.
  • A.Should she                    B. If she                      C. Will she                  D. Unless she

  • If you_____to me, you wouldn’t have got so much trouble.
  • A. listened                         B. would listen            C. had listened                        D. Would have listened

  • If you don’t know how to spell a word, you_____ look it up in the dictionary.
  • A. must                             B. will                         C. should                     D. ought

  • If the sun _____, we _____for a walk.
  • A. shines / will go             B. shone / will go        C. shone / would go    D. had shone / would go

  • The campfire _____ if it _____ last night.
  • A. wouldn’t be cancelled / hadn’t rained             B. wouldn’t have been cancelled / hadn’t rained

    C. would have been cancelled / hadn’t rained      D. will be cancelled / rains

  • But for our parents, we _____ successful in life.
  • A. will never be                 B. would never be       C. wouldn’t have be   D. would have never been

  • If I _____ my wallet at home this morning, I _____ money for lunch now.
  • A. leave / will have                                               B. didn’t leave / would have

    C. hadn’t left / would have                                   D. hadn’t left / would have had

  • It is too bad, Lam isn’t here. If he _____ here, he _____ what to do.
  • A. were / would know                                          B. is / will know                     

    C. had been / would have known                         D. was / would know

  • If we _____ the plans carefully, we would not have had so many serious mistakes.
  • A. study                B. had studied                        C. studied                   D. were studying

  • I will never talk to you again _____ you apologize me _____ your being rude.
  • A. if / for               B. unless / for              C. or / of                      D. whether / or

  • _____ if you work harder, you will be sacked.
  • A. Whether           B. If                            C. However                 D. Unless

  • I think you should stop smoking.
  • A. If I am you, I will stop smoking.         B. If I were you, I will stop smoking.

    C. If I were you, I would stop smoking.  D. If I had been you, I would stop smoking.

  • If you take the ice out of the fridge, it _____.
  • A. vaporizes          B. melts                       C. heats                       D. disappears

  • We should do something to protect water from being polluted _____we will have nothing to drink in the future.
  • A. if                       B. whether                  C. or                            D. unless

  • Let’s knock on their door to see _____ home.
  • A. if they’re                      B. unless they’re                     C. whether they were              D. if they were

  • Unless we _____  more snow, we can’t go skiing.
  • A. will have                       B. have                                    C. have had                             D. had

  • You’ll fail the exam _____ you start revising.
  • A. if                                   B. until                                    C. when                                   D. unless

  • Unless you wash the car, you _____ not drive it at the weekend.
  • A. would                           B. could                                  C. have to                                D. may

  • If Peter _____ his car before the drive, he _____ the problem of out of petrol.
  • A. checked / will not get                                                   B. had checked / would not have got

    C. checks / will not have got                                             D. would be checking / will not have got

  • He stepped on the mine, and it exploded.
  • If he doesn’t step on the mine, it doesn’t explode.
  • If he doesn’t step on the mine, it won’t explode.
  • If he didn’t step on the mine, it wouldn’t explode.
  • If he hadn’t stepped on the mine, it wouldn’t have exploded.
  • In my experiments, the liquid is cooled to 32­­­ºF. It always freezes.
  • If you cool the liquid to 32 degrees, it froze.
  • If you cooled the liquid to 32 degrees, it would freeze.
  • If you cool the liquid to 32 degrees, it will freeze.
  • If you had cooled the liquid to 32 degrees, it would have frozen.
  • It may rain this afternoon. I hope it doesn’t because I don’t want the match to be cancelled.
  •       A. If it rains, the match is cancelled.                    B. If it rains, the match will be cancelled.

    C. if it rained, the match would be cancelled.                    D. If it had rained, the match would have been cancelled.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t know Philosophy, so I can’t answer your question.
  • If I know Philosophy, I can answer your question.
  • If I know Philosophy, I will be able to answer your question.
  • If I knew Philosophy, I would be able to answer your question.
  • If I had known Philosophy, I would have been able to answer your question.
  • _____ there are some more ideas, we can end the meeting now.
  • A. If                      B. As if                                   C. Unless                                 D. In case

  • If he _____ with us now, he _____ the beauty of nature of the National Park.
  •       A. is / can enjoy    B. was / will enjoy                  C. has been / would enjoy       D. were / could enjoy

  • If they had searched more carefully, they…the watch sooner.
  •       A. will find           B. would find                         C. found                                  D. would have found

  • If I had got up early, I _____ to have breakfast now.
  •       A. have                  B.I had                                                C. would have                         D. would have had

  • I cannot buy a new computer _____ I save enough money.
  •       A. if                       B. even if                    C. unless                      D. as if

  • Most people you meet will be polite to you _____.
  •       A. if you are polite to them                       B. if you will be polite to them

          C. unless you are polite to them                D. if you were polite to them

  • If you do so, it _____ the matter worse.
  •       A. makes only       B. would only make    C. will only make        D. had only made

  • You _____ English fluently unless you practice it every day.
  •       A. will speak         B. will not speak         C. can speak                D. did not speak

  • Hurry up _____ you will miss the bus and be late for school.
  •       A. if                       B. and                         C. or                            D. as

  • You will get a good seat if you _____ first.
  •       A. come                 B. came                       C. have come              D. will come

  • Sam will not graduate_____.
  •       A. if he passed all the tests                       B. if he does not pass all the tests.

          C. unless he passes all the tests                 D. unless he had passed all the tests.

  • If I had time, I would go with you.
  • A.I am free and surely go with you.                     B.I am too busy to go with you.

    C. I will go with you because I have time.           D. I am free enough to go with you.

  • If Margaret hadn’t been wearing a seat belt, she…. Injured.
  • A. has been                       B. would has been      C. would be                D. would have been

  • If I _____ the rain yesterday, I_____ ill.
  • A. had not caught / would have been       B. had not caught / would have not been

    C. have not caught / were not                   D. have not caught / would have been

  • He looked frightened as if he _____ a ghost.
  • A. sees                   B. is seeing                  C. has seen                  D. had seen

  • What _____if there _____ a serious nuclear accident.
  •       A. will happen / was                                 B. happens / were       

          C. would happen / were                            D. would happen / had been

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